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The today variable is assigned the output of a formatted date command. This is a common technique used to extract date information for log file names. The +%y%m%d format instructs the date command to display the date as a two digit year, month, and day:
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Message Acronyms CC O M M M M M M M M M M O O M M Service Class 0(CL) 1(CL) 2(CO) X X X X X X X X X X 3(CO) X X X X X X M O M M O M M M M M M M M M O O M M CR CREF DT1 DT2 RLC RLSD UDT UDTS M M
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2.5. Representation of Bandpass Signals
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3. From (2.67) and (2.70) we conclude that applying the Hilbert transform twice leads to a sign change of the signal, provided that the signal has zero mean value.
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back for a full refund. But that isn t what we mean here. Sure, every direct response offer should have a trial period. After all, the consumer needs to touch and feel a product to make a decision about whether to keep it. So the trial period provides the buyer with a level of con dence. The consumer can change his or her mind if it is not exactly what he or she is looking for. But a satisfaction conviction is more than a trial period. It basically conveys a message from you to your prospect that says, Hey, I m so convinced you will like this product that I m going to do something for your bene t to prove how incredible my offer is. If your potential customer, after reading what you are going to do, says something like, They must really believe in their product, or How can they do it or Are they going to get ripped off by customers who will take advantage of their generosity then you know you ve got a great example of a satisfaction conviction. Let me give you an example. When I rst offered BluBlocker sunglasses, I said in my TV advertising, If you re unhappy with BluBlockers, I ll let you return them anytime you want. There is no trial period. A lot of people thought to themselves, That must be a good product or otherwise they wouldn t make that offer. Or they may have said, Boy, are they going to get ripped off. In either case, I conveyed a conviction that my customer was going to be so satis ed that I was willing to do something that is rarely done. In one ad, I stated, If you aren t happy with your purchase, just call me up and I ll personally arrange to have it picked up at my expense and refund you every penny of your purchase price including the time you took to return the product.
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create_table :invoiceitems do |t| t.references :invoice t.string :item t.string :description t.float :unitcost t.float :units t.timestamps end
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It is an important element of the system that when the binary BCH [ 1l , 1771 or turbo codes [ 107,1771protecting the video streamare overwhelmed by the plethora of transmission errors, the systems refrains from decoding the video packet in order to prevent error propagation through the reconstructed frame buffer [151]. Instead, these corrupted packets are dropped andthe reconstructed framebuffer will not be updated, until the next packet replenishing the specific video frame area arrives. The associated video performance degradation is fairly minor for packet dropping frame error rates (FER) below about 5%. These packet or dropping events are signalled to the remote decoder by superimposing a strongly protected one-bit packet acknowledgement flag on the reverse-direction packet, as outlined in [151]. In the proposed scheme we also invoked the adaptive rate control and packetisation algorithm of [ 1511, supporting constant Baud-rate operation. Having reviewed the basic features of adaptive modulation, the forthcoming section we in will characterise the achievable service-related benefits of BbB-AQAM video transceivers, as perceived by the users of such systems.
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5: Cascading Style Sheets
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Replication is frequently used when applications require data to be consolidated from one or more servers to a central repository; and/or to be transformed as it travels from one server to another. Frequently, DBAs will work in environments where they have a central office with multiple branch offices and they need to consolidate data centrally (often called point-of-sale, or POS, applications), or to distribute data to each branch office. Another example would be sales agents who visit clients, take their orders, and synchronize the orders nightly or when they return to the office one week later (often called field force automation, or FFA, applications). A classic example of this is a delivery fleet that updates their order details using their PDAs (running SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition) at their delivery locations, after which the order details are replicated over the Internet to their head office (often called field force automation, or FFA, applications). Replication can be used to consolidate data centrally, or to replicate data from one RDBMS server to another; you can replicate from SQL Server to previous versions of SQL Server, Oracle Sybase, DB2, MS Access, and SQL CE (merge replication only). With SQL Server 2005, you can now replicate from Oracle servers to SQL Server. Replication can be used to replicate to the same database.
Aristotle had taken the common-sense view that a heavier weight fell faster than a lighter weight - a plausible conclusion if you are comparing the fall of a feather and a lump of lead. Subsequently, Aristotle's view was taken as gospel by generations of natural philosophers. Galileo is supposed to have dropped different weights from the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, in order to prove that Aristotle was wrong. Whether or not that story is true, Galileo did propose the following thought experiment, as an argument to undermine Aristotle's conclusion. Imagine, said Galileo, that a 1O-unit weight and a 1-unit weight are joined by a long loose string. They are dropped together from a great height ... Query: what was the rest of Galileo's argument
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Maximizing Aero performance
where 1 is an Nr Nr matrix where each entry is 1; such a matrix has only a single nonzero eigenvalue, whose magnitude is Nr . Equation (20.52) can be further approximated as E{C} Nr log2 1 + KLOS Nr + log2 1 + KLOS + 1 KLOS + 1 (20.53)
In CS Device: C gs = C gs +
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