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Part V: Business Intelligence
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Figure 16-8: The Compiz Fusion Window Preview plug-in in action.
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Argument Description
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QoS Support at the Higher Network Layers
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The click-through shown in Figure 10.9 is designed to be as un-designed as possible. Where images might appear, you use featureless gray boxes. The main site navigation is simple and text-based. There are very few text styles and no fancy JavaScript. In other words, it s just the facts. While there s a hint of layout present here, the emphasis is on functionality. While a clickable wireframe is great for showing how text-based pages can look and connect, it s also useful for graphical pages, as shown in Figure 10.10. Without showing any actual content, the wireframe can show the layout and behavior of a page that s purely an interface. Figure 10.9 The clickable wireframe postings page
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Multiplexing is on the basis of direct TDM. Either full SONET speeds or lesser asynchronous and synchronous data streams can be multiplexed into the STS-N payload, which then converts into an OC-N payload. In other words, an appropriate combination of DS-0, DS-1, DS-2, and DS-3 signals can be multiplexed directly into an electrical STS-1 payload, which then converts to an optical OC-1 payload. The multiplexing process involves byte interleaving, much as described for traditional TDMs. 9.2.3 SONET/SDH Topology
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select whether you want your show to loop continuously, be shown without narration, or be shown without animation ( changes to ).
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The smallest triangle
Figure 22.1-4. Example of routing tables for ATM cell switching.
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Memory surface
File, Print, and Storage Services
Digital Music Guide
Selecting Features
configurations. When performing the test, each line must be individually tested and recorded in the test report. 6.3.1 Potential Problems during Conducted Emission Testing When performing LCI tests, several protection features must be implemented prior to energizing the test setup. This deals with risk of electric shock and damage to test instrumentation. Electric Shock. When dealing with AC mains voltage, there is a chance of electrocution. Transducers, probes, and instruments may be connected directly to the AC mains. Equipment can be damaged or defective from prior use without knowledge of the test engineer. For example, when one clamps a voltage probe directly onto a 400-A mains terminal block and the blocking capacitor inside the probe is damaged, the full energy potential at the coaxial connector output can result in a shocking experience and/or instantaneous death. Every device must be connected to a safety ground to prevent this problem. All LISNs (as well as the EUT and associated peripherals) must be bonded securely to the ground plane and properly bonded to the facility s earth ground. Exceptions exist if protective means have been designed into the equipment to ensure that hazard to electric shock will never happen. Consult a product safety professional or engineer for details on shock hazards. Instrumentation Damage. To prevent damage to instrumentation from DC voltages (very lethal, as inputs of analyzers and receivers are designed to have only an AC signal input), use of a DC block is recommended. A DC block prevents transient spikes or DC voltage on the coax, or transducer, from blowing out the front end of the instrument. The DC block does not change measurement results. A DC block with an optional or separate 3- or 10-dB attenuator is recommended at all times. The purpose of the attenuator is to prevent extremely large signal amplitudes from damaging the input port of the analyzer or receiver. Many instruments provide for input RF attenuation to prevent overload of the intermediate-frequency (IF) section of the unit, however, strong transient spikes can still damage sensitive components. When using an input attenuator, the test instrument may have a correction factor applied via software to compensate for the attenuator. If the instrument does not have this software feature, the test report must include the value of external attenuation. If an attenuator is used for compliance or conformity testing, it becomes important whether the attenuator is calibrated and provided with a calibration chart to identify the real amount of attenuation provided at specific frequencies. One item not known by many is the static charge that may be present on the coax. If the coax has been coiled and allowed to sit for any period of time, static charge may develop between the center conductor and the shield. When the coax is connected to the analyzer/receiver, this large static potential may jump onto the center conductor of the analyzer s input connector and cause permanent damage to the instrument. The coax cable assembly should always be discharged before installed onto the test instrument.
Send Called Address. This orders the mobile to send digits: for example, a called party number or a service access code (Section 3.5.1). Handoff. This alerts the mobile that it is being handed off to a new cell and speci es the new voice channel, its color code, and the new transmit power. This message consists of word 1 . 12.4.7 Mobile Control Messages on RVC F 1 in the rst message word, and F 0 in succeeding words (Fig. 12.4-5). Change Power Con rmation (word 1). The mobile con rms the receipt of a change power order.
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