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8: Home Page Makeovers
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Text files: Files that Nautilus identifies as containing only text Other previewable files: Used primarily for files and image files.
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When used in models and formats, Custom Properties are an extremely powerful combination, especially when you want to fill in data automatically in the format, in a BOM (Bill of Materials), or a PDM (Product Data Management) product. These topics are discussed in more detail in s 20 and 24. n
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within the report. The RDL schema also contains elements to control the report layout and formatting, including the header, body, footer, label, and table elements. A report definition in Reporting Services is nothing more than an XML file that conforms to the RDL specification. Microsoft provides two tools for creating RDL report definitions so that you don t have to handwrite the XML: Visual Studio 2005 and Report Builder. This chapter focuses on building reports using Visual Studio 2005. The Report Builder tool is part of the Report Manager deployment and provides end users (nontechnical) with the ability to author and update reports.
Instead, consider including your blog description in the title tag and prepending the description before the blog title. You can do this by editing the header of your blog (usually in header.php) as shown in Listing 3.4.
SQL Server 2005 is available in several editions, which differ in terms of features, hardware, and cost. This section details the various editions and their respective features. Because Microsoft licensing and costs change, check with or your Microsoft representative for license and cost specifics.
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