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7.5 Related Work
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Part I
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software from the equipment manufacturer and then install and test it in all exchanges. AIN services can be programmed by telecom personnel, using the service creation environment. This gives the individual telecoms the freedom to design their own service features. Also, the tests of a new AIN feature can be done with the SCP and just one of the SSPs in the network. Flexibility. SCPs are designed to provide great exibility in the de nition of AIN services. A service can be designed to take into account the time-of-day, and day-of-week, of the call, and the locations of the calling and called parties. Caller interaction is another important contributor to service exibility. SCP can prompt the caller to send DTMF digits, which indicate a particular service option for the call, or an authorization code that is checked at SCP, to verify that the caller is entitled to receive the requested service. 17.1.5 AIN 0.1 Services The services de ned for AIN 0.1 involve transactions during the setup of connections only and apply to calls between two parties. Services requiring transactions during the conversation phase of a call and services for multiparty calls are supported in later AIN releases. The emphasis is on capabilities to screen outgoing and incoming calls and to route and charge calls.
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Snapshot Isolation
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So what s all the fuss over a little inconsistency in our accounting standards Bertrand Russell pointed out that if you accept any particular falsehood, you can prove any other falsehood. What he was reportedly asked. Do you mean that if we assume that two equals one, you could prove that you were the pope Of course, replied Russell. The pope and I are clearly two, but if two equals one, then the pope and I are one. Hence I am the pope. How might this play out in business if we accept that asset 1 has a paper value of $400,000 and asset 2 has a paper value of $360,000 Consider a rm whose only asset is the receivables of type 2 with a paper value of $360,000. Now assume an unscrupulous party wishes to increase the rm s paper value even if it reduces its real value.
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Like the wp-testers list, wp-polyglots is a mailing list that often gets busy in the month before a major release. It is designed for localization, and i18n community members who are translating WordPress into other languages. You can subscribe to the wp-polyglots mailing list at mailman/listinfo/wp-polyglots.
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The Boyce-Codd normal form occurs between the third and fourth normal forms, and it handles a problem with an entity that might have two sets of primary keys. The Boyce-Codd normal form simply stipulates that in such a case the entity should be split into two entities, one for each primary key.
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Detecting the Scanner
harnesses the power of multiple servers dynamically, expanding to meet peak traffic spikes without having to bring on new hardware. Their data centers are in El Segundo, California, and Ashburn, Virginia. Media Temple sponsored WordCamp NYC 2009 in a major way, indicating their presence and willingness to participate in the greater WordPress community.
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Forget whatever existing structure you have in place. Simply write out each page in a flat list. You can leave out the home page because that is the obvious first level in your hierarchy.
a quarter or half wavelength. The longest physical structures in a device or system are usually cables, which means they radiate at the lower frequencies. Higher frequency problems (i.e., >200 MHz) are typically enclosure related because the physical dimensions of slots are approaching a quarter or half wavelength for these higher frequencies (shorter wavelengths). Again using hand-held probes and a spectrum analyzer, one can locate, for example, leakage areas such as a display window or ventilation slots or a leaky joint between enclosure sections. Apply fixes to the enclosure to reduce RF leakage or modify internal circuit boards to reduce the noise source. The noise source could be a clock oscillator circuit. After reducing the RF noise from the enclosure or PCB, remember to replace all the disconnected cables to verify that the cables are now not a secondary source of radiation. In performing near-field probing, keep in mind that the levels one observes on the spectrum analyzer cannot be correlated to readings obtained at an OATS. The near-field probe readings are just a relative indicator. It should be used to prioritize where or what is the largest source of noise or leakage. Disconnecting or unplugging devices and/or cables either internally or externally can lead to systems not operating quite the same or even not operating at all. If the problem appears to be due to a clock and its harmonics, then functional modes may not be an issue. The only requirement is to have power turned on and in standby mode. For other types of situations, one may require the services of a programmer to make software modifications or to slightly modify a PCB. The radiated emission profile may change depending upon the functional mode of the system. The concept here is to isolate one device or one section at a time to determine the noise source. What is important is not only the location of the source but also whether the method of coupling is a true radiation problem, common impedance coupling, or a near-field electric or magnetic field coupling problem. Determining the coupling mechanism is a great time-saver in that an appropriate type of solution can be implemented with little waste of time. A simple example of this technique would be coupling of noise from a low-frequency, high-current conductor. High currents would indicate a larger magnetic field than an electric field; therefore, to prevent coupling the shield must consist of a magnetic-based material. A common-impedance coupling of RF transfer will not be solved by any amount of shielding. Rerouting or further analyzing current paths is indicated for this type of problem. 9.2.4 The Sticky Finger Debugging Tool Here is a technique that must be used cautiously. It involves changing the RF characteristics of the noise source by the loading effect of one s finger. As described in the previous section, isolation can be performed by removing components, lifting pins of integrated circuits (ICs), or cutting traces. When one performs this task, it will not take long to discover how time consuming the disabling-the-system technique can be. Utilizing one s finger can eliminate some of the pain and efforts of the prior technique. Time can be spent fixing, not isolating, the problem area. By using any finger, touching various pins on a suspected IC component or circuit on a PCB
Figure 8-24: Family Safety s Web restrictions will keep your children safe online.
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