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Windows Explorer, the next time I open the drawing, it will unable to find the part. The same goes for the assembly. There are two ways to fix this simple problem: n With both Assembly1 and Drawing1 open, use the Save As command from SolidWorks to save Part1 as Part1A. In this case, the references to the assembly and drawing will be updated. n Use SolidWorks Explorer to rename Part1 to Part1A, and make sure that it updates the references. These techniques make renaming the part possible, but if you have to do it on a larger scale, it quickly becomes impractical. For example, if you revise a bracket that is used in ten assemblies, you are going to spend a lot of time renaming parts. Beyond filenames, there is the question of how, or indeed whether, files should be grouped into folders. Does it really make sense to break the files into folders simply to group them into smaller groups The answer to that is ultimately reduced to a network speed issue. If Windows Explorer can refresh the screen in a reasonable amount of time with a thousand files, then there is no reason to break it down into smaller groups. If you use the Thumbnails views, then the refresh may be slower. When doing PDM implementations, I recommend that you determine folder structure by one of two issues: permissions and searchability. Other than that, why do you really need to break up the files
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similar services rent movies and sell movies and TV shows in various formats. Fortunately, these movies arrive as PC-friendly video files, so you should have no problem accessing them offline on a portable computer or compatible device. Different services are compatible with different portable devices and digital media receivers, however. Apple s files are compatible only with its own hardware, including iPods, iPhones, and Apple TVs. Meanwhile, most other services have standardized on Microsoft s Windows Media Video (WMV) format and Windows Media DRM copy protection scheme, so these files should be compatible with any Windows-compatible devices that aren t made by Apple. Note, however, that all of this content is copy-protected, and as of this writing there s no way to remove that copy protection and use this content in your own projects. Some services do, however, allow you to burn purchased movies to DVD. Okay, now it s time to take a look at the two biggest missing features in Windows 7 when it comes to digital video: duplicating DVD movies and ripping, or copying, DVD movies to video files that will play fine on PCs, Xbox 360s, Zunes, and many other devices, including Apple s iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.
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If you ve used Windows XP with a media extender such as the Xbox 360, you probably had to install extra software, or run a Media Center Edition version of Windows XP. Windows Vista, however, is ready to cooperate with the Xbox 360 upon installation. You can enable media sharing through Windows Media Player 11, as described in the steps that follow.
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1. Click Insert Customize Menu. Note that Customize Menu is different from Customize. 2. Turn off the menu items Sketch from Drawing, DXF/DWG, Object, Hyperlink, and Picture (see Figure 2.44). Click anywhere outside of the list to close it. 3. Click the Insert menu to ensure that the deselected items have been removed. 4. RMB click the Right plane in the FeatureManager.
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The phased approach works best when the company has several groups for different product lines (such as motors, brakes, and transmissions), or different disciplines (such as New Product Development, Production Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, and so on). This approach tackles individual departments separately, by segmenting the immediate task. In the case where work between departments is sequential (passing from Development to Engineering to Manufacturing), the implementation process should obviously start at the top of the organization, and flow through the organization at the same speed that the newly created data flows through the organization.
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