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Figure 10.9 Various ways of analyzing modulation distortion.
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LOLIA (n=7) LOLIA (n=19) - No BF 2 element BF _ _ 4 element BF ~
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Disable schema objects when there is no longer a need to use them in the directory. This is used in place of deleting these objects, which is not an available option. Open the ADS console and expand either container (classes or attributes may be disabled). Open an object s properties and check the Deactivate this <class> or <attribute> checkbox.
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Public Sub New() MyBase.New()
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6. (Optional) To select another image, return to the Desktop Background
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CrossReference For more information about calculated measures, see 45, Programming MDX Queries.
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Creating Views Using Management Studio
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Working with Linked Reports
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In summary, although the Web Setup Project method of deployment requires more upfront work to create and configure properly, the result is a setup package that provides a solid, repeatable, and reliable installation. Deployment using project copy Copying a Web Service project in Visual Studio is a simpler deployment method than using a Web Setup Project to deploy your Web Service to a target Web server. However, copying your Web Service project files does not perform such tasks as virtual directory configuration or file registrations that may be necessary for your Web Service to function correctly. In more complex scenarios, the Web Setup Project method described in the previous section is a superior and more reliable choice (although somewhat more complex to set up and configure). Be that as it may, you can use the Project Copy feature in Visual Studio to deploy simple Web Services to target Web servers with very little effort. To deploy a Web Service to a target Web server using the Visual Studio Project Copy method, follow these steps: 1. Start Visual Studio. 2. Open your Web Service solution file. If you intend to deploy your Web Service to a production-quality Web server, make sure that you have built a release-quality version of your Web Service using the Release configuration. For more information about build configurations, refer to the About Note Project Configurations section in 47. 3. Choose Copy Project from the Project menu. This displays the Copy Project dialog box, as shown in Figure 48-4.
Relative Likelihood
Unfold is a feature that unfolds selected bends temporarily. It is typically used in conjunction with a Fold feature to re-fold the bends. This combination is used to apply a feature that must be applied to the Flat Pattern; for example, a hole that spans across a bend. Figure 29.32 shows the FeatureManager of a part where this combination has been applied, as well as the part itself, showing the bend across a hole, and the PropertyManager, which is the same for both features. Both the Unfold and Fold features make it easy to select the bends without zooming in, even for small bends. A filter is placed on the cursor when the command is active, which allows only bends to be selected. The Collect All Bends option also becomes available. This feature also requires that you select a stationary face to hold still while the rest of the model moves during the unfolding and folding process.
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34 Configuring SQL Server
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