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Virtual Folders 101
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 59 Mb/s 90 Mb/s Video codec The NTSC standard calls for 525 line frames transmitted at the rate of 30 per second. The PAL standard calls for 625 line frames transmitted at the rate of 25 per second. 56 kb/s, 64 kb/s, 384 kb/s and 1,536 kb/s
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# format /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2 selecting /dev/rdsk/c0t1d0s2 [disk formatted] FORMAT MENU: disk - select a disk type - select (define) a disk type partition - select (define) a partition table current - describe the current disk format - format and analyze the disk repair - repair a defective sector label - write label to the disk analyze - surface analysis defect - defect list management backup - search for backup labels verify - read and display labels save - save new disk/partition definitions inquiry - show vendor, product, and revision volname - set 8-character volume name quit
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Most cable television companies provide bandwidth on the cable to accommodate digital modem signals. The company provides a special cable modem, which plugs directly into the cable system, along with an Ethernet jack. You must have an Ethernet card in your workstation to connect to the cable modem. Once you are connected, the cable television company provides Internet service to your workstation at a predetermined speed. Similar to ADSL, cable modems allocate more bandwidth to download speed than upload speed, providing a faster download experience for home users. Most cable television companies offer a variety of service options based on the download and upload speeds allowed.
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When you open a sketch, several tools become unavailable. For example, you cannot apply a Fillet feature while a sketch is open. Conversely, there are several things that you cannot do until you open a sketch. When I used to teach SolidWorks classes for a reseller, I had only one rule: you were not allowed to throw the monitor out the window because of frustration until you checked to see if you were in or out of Sketch mode and if the selection filter was turned on. These features are two very common sources of frustration for new users. There are several indicators that let you know when you are in Sketch mode: n The top bar of the SolidWorks window displays the text, Sketch X of Part Y. n The lower-right corner of the status bar displays the text, Editing Sketch X. n The Confirmation Corner displays a sketch icon in the upper-right corner of the graphics window. n The Sketch toolbar button now displays the text, Exit Sketch, and is pressed in. n The red sketch Origin displays. n If you are using the grid, it displays only in Sketch mode. While most users find the sketch grid to be annoying and distracting, when teaching, I always used the grid to remind students when they were in Sketch mode. If you find that you forget or would like a visual cue, the sketch grid is a useful, if less than fashionable, option.
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The traditional voice network originally was analog in nature. The local loop connection terminating at the residence or small-business premises generally is still analog, with the exception of Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN), which is digital from end to end, and, very recently, Fiber-To-The-Premises (FTTP). ISDN never achieved any appreciable level of penetration in the United States, although it was widely deployed in many other countries. Large user organizations often have digital access circuits in the form of T-carrier or E-carrier, which may be formatted as leased lines or ISDN.
While you can install the Zune PC software on any number of PCs, and log on with your Windows Live ID on each, only three of them can be configured to download previously purchased content, or download Zune Pass music. However, the other PCs can still stream previously purchased content and music from Zune Marketplace, including from the Web. Likewise, you can have only three devices (Zunes and/or Windows Phone) connected with your Windows Live ID at a time. If you want to change which PCs and devices are linked to your account, navigate to Settings, Account, Computers and Devices in the Zune PC software. Note that you can remove only one PC and one device from your account each month.
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