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Using the Set and Select Commands
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Scalability and Business Processes
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One of the best uses of a smart phone, in my opinion, is fi nding local resources while you re on the go. These resources can include numerous things, such as restaurants, movies, shopping and related services, transportation, hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, sightseeing, sporting events, and virtually anything else you can imagine. If it can happen where you are or nearby your Windows Phone is your greatest ally. And the service you ll use is Bing Local.
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Example 6.3 Consider the APS de ned as APS = 1 for 0 < < 90 and 340 < < 360 , compute the angular spread according to the de nitions of Eqs. (6.58) and (6.59), respectively. According to Eq. (6.58), we have
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Part II
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The monitor s color depth is also referred to as its bit depth, and it indicates how many colors each pixel can display. Your Windows Vista installation may have defaulted to 16 or 32 bits. Here s how they translate into actual colors. Back in the olden days, computers had one color. They were called monochrome. You might remember black screens with green or amber lettering on them. Those computers were capable of exactly two bits per pixel. Each pixel was either turned on or turned off. Each bit is a simple 0 or 1. Combining several bits results in more combinations. The more bits that are available, the greater number the number of combinations. A two-bit display has two combinations: green (or amber) or black. Then came 16-color computers. They were capable of displaying 4 bits per pixel. Each bit has two combinations, so multiply those two combinations four times (2 x 2 x 2 x 2) and you arrive at the computers capabilities of 16 colors.
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Creating Drawings
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With every release, SolidWorks publishes a What s New document to help you keep up to speed with the changes. This is typically a PDF file with accompanying example files. If you have missed a version or two, then you can read through the What s New files to get back on track.
The command-line parameters are described in Table 27-5.
If It Walks Like a Duck
Move step down moves the currently highlighted step down one in the list. Start step enables you to choose which step is executed first. This first step is indicated by a green flag.
Security and Active Directory
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