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To verify the insert, the following select statement reads the data from the Contact table:
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33: Animating with MotionManager
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The wireframe doesn t convey any sense of the final site s look and feel. The wireframe may show the navigational structure of the site; for example, showing the pages in a hierarchy. The wireframe may show a process, such as the basic steps to complete an action. The wireframe may show the kinds of content that will be required; for example, an image, a headline, and a teaser text block. Determining the amount of fidelity for your wireframe is a matter of understanding your client. To that end, I ve put together a list of questions you might ask. And in the finest tradition of teen-girl magazines everywhere, I ve set it up in the form of a quiz. For each of the following questions, the answers range from 1 (strongly agree) to 5 (strongly disagree). When you re done, add up the numbers. Let s get started! The client: ___. Has a strong grasp of technology ___. Has demonstrated experience navigating a variety of websites ___. Is the only decision-maker ___. Has explained what he or she wants in clear language The website: ___. Is relatively straightforward in terms of requirements ___. Is relatively small in size ___. Makes light use of advanced features, such as JavaScript or server-side scripting Compare your number to the following ranges: 7 12. You and your client are dealing with a small site, and you re probably on the same page. Talk it out, maybe sketch an idea or two on some notepaper, and you re set. 13 18. There might be some sweat on your brow as you think about this one. Pull together a list of the requirements as you understand them, draw some wireframes, and make sure you re seeing eye to eye before proceeding. 19 25. The site is probably more than you can keep in your head at one time. Break it down into pieces to deal with them individually. Wireframe the most important parts. Get the client to sign off on the wireframe and then keep it in a safe place. 26 30. This is becoming a challenge. Perhaps you don t have a good understanding of what your client wants or maybe what he or she wants isn t very straightforward. This could be a terrific opportunity, but the need to understand the requirements is much
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4. Rappaport, T. S., Modulation techniques for mobile radio, In Wireless Communications Principles and Practice, Chap. 5, Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1996. Reference 1 describes the family of Agilent PSA spectrum analyzers. Reference 2 describes the detailed performance of a speci c PSA model. Reference 3 is a self-guided demonstration brochure for the PSA. Reference 4 provides a detailed description of FM theory and implementation.
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7: Connecting to the Outside World
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The nano command puts you into a Terminal-based text-editing environment. I like nano because of its simplicity; if you re not a vi or emacs aficionado already, then you ll be most comfortable here. The commands are along the bottom of the screen: Control+O to save, Control+X to quit, and Control+W to search. If you want to flip through your file a page at a time, use Control+V to go down and Control+Y to go up. Finally, if you want to delete a line of text, put your cursor on the line and then press Control+K. That s it. You re now a nano expert! When you open nano on the command line, you ll provide a file name. If it exists, you ll edit that file; otherwise, you ll create it. In this case, you ve now got a blank screen. Go ahead and type some text and then save and close the file (Control+O and Control+X, respectively). As you saw earlier, when you create a file, the default setting is to allow write permission for the creator and read-only permission for the group and world. Now let s assume that you want another user on your system, such as kate, to read your file. The best way to do this is to create a group that both you and Kate belong to; let s call that group developers:
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22: by Kevin Grossnicklaus
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Figure 10-4: Viewing the updated Power Options window.
Figure 11.37 Variation of impedance from trace 2 to trace 3 at RF port as the part, CS, is inserted into impedance matching network (f = 3168 to 4752 MHz).
Many advanced server systems use a small computer system interface (SCSI) hard drive controller instead of an IDE controller. SCSI controllers typically allow up to seven devices per controller channel (although some newer ones allow 16 devices). These controllers are popular in servers that support multiple hard drives in a redundant array of inexpensive disk (RAID) configuration. RAID systems use multiple hard drives to emulate a single hard drive for fault-tolerance purposes. There are several formats of RAID support:
TABLE 21.2-5 Parameter Fields in H.245 Messages
Transmission of different data streams via different interacting objects.
X ( m , k ) = I X ( m ,k)l L Y ( m , ) , k
We shall state without proof that, to achieve the largest possible output power, the load impedance should be purely real, denoted by RL as shown in Figure 10.38a. When an imaginary component exists in the load, the loadline of the amplifier (the trace of the operating iD and VD) can traverse through high-voltage and high-current regions simultaneously. This kind of operation is prone to device breakdown. The detailed analysis comparing amplifiers with purely real or partially imaginary loads 99 can be found elsewhere. The instantaneous drain voltage VD(t) is a sum of the dc bias voltage and the ac voltage drop brought about by the harmonic currents. Since the load is purely real, we obtain
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