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Empress Maria Theresa was Archduchess of Austria and Queen of Hungary in the 1700s.
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One of the cooler new elements of Windows Vista is the Sidebar. Its Gadgets let you do all kinds of stuff quickly and conveniently. The Sidebar is a new feature in Vista, however, and you might not know yet what to do with it. For the sake of an example of the Windows Help and Support module of Windows Vista, let s say you want desperately to add or remove Gadgets from the Sidebar, but you have no idea how to go about it. (I know, some of you are rolling your eyes saying, Jeez, it s pretty intuitive. Figure it out! That doesn t always work for every user. Back in my days as the head of a support shop, I went on service calls to rescue people who had done something as simple as delete a folder from the Windows 95 Start Menu, but who believed they had rid their computers of the applications that the entries had pointed to!) Before you tear into the Sidebar and do something you might not intend to do, such as turn it off or eliminate a gadget that you really like, fire up the help system. To do so, choose Start Help and Support.
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Figure 8-16: Use this dialog to block or allow specific game titles.
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Ranch and Spa S
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400 600 Energy (eV)
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If the semiconductor is in equilibrium (i.e., no sources of excitation such as bias, or electromagnetic radiation) and the material is uniform in terms of doping and composition, EF = pi (chemical potential). If we have a nonuniform material (doping or composition), we have a built-in electrostatic potential added to the chemical potential, so that the Fermi level is now = (electrochemical potential). Once we have the probabilities of electron occupancy, the probability of hole occupancy becomes
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FIGURE 23-5 The New Object User dialog box.
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File, Print, and Storage Services
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GSM Global System for Mobile Communications
Figure 6.7. The Search pane can be difficult to maneuver.
, k , n = 0,1, ..., N - l .
that a little later). The Product class example declares all of the members as public, so you can reference them anywhere in your PHP code. The buyProduct() method uses an odd variable name in the function:
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