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up. Therefore, remove the word Div from the box. Then highlight the box and while holding your left mouse button down, click and drag the lower-right corner of the Div box to form the area in which you want your message to display. Notice the ID attribute within the Properties box. In this case, it is DIV1. 10. Next, you work on the hyperlink. Right-click the link, and choose Run As Server Control from the context menu. You can also change any of the properties for this control within the Properties box. Make a note of the control's ID (in this case, A1). 11. Right -click both buttons and also turn them into Server controls. If you don't do this, you can't put any code behind the buttons because the server would treat them as traditional HTML buttons. After the controls are converted to server controls, you notice that a green arrow in a green box appears in the upper-left part of the control. This means that the control is a Server control. 12. Highlight the first button, and change the properties of this control. Make the ID Button1, and change the value to Change Link toHungry Minds. Highlight the second button and do the same, except the ID is Button2, and the value is Change Link to Microsoft. Your page should be similar to what is shown in Figure 34-18.
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Installing an External Modem
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Replacing Services with Secure Counterparts
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Figure 6.37 Schematic of quadrature phase VCO built by two differential VCOs. M1 and M3, M2 and M4, M5 and M7, M6 and M8 are connected in series.
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A relational database collects common, or related, data in a single list. For example, all the product information may be listed in one table and all the customers in another table. A table appears similar to a spreadsheet and is constructed of columns and rows. The appeal of the spreadsheet is its informal development style, which makes it easy to modify and add to as the design matures. In fact, managers tend to store critical information in spreadsheets, and many databases started as informal spreadsheets. In both a spreadsheet and a database table, each row is an item in the list and each column is a specific piece of data concerning that item. Therefore, each cell should contain a single piece of data about a single item. Whereas a spreadsheet tends to be free-flowing and loose in its design, database tables should be very consistent with regard to the meaning of the data in a column. Because row and column consistency is so important to a database table, the design of the table is critical. Over the years, different development styles have referred to these columns with various different terms, as listed in Table 2-1.
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Windows Vista lets you roll back to an earlier version of a file using the Previous Versions tab of the Properties files. Activated by default, this lets you abandon changes to a file that, for example, a colleague may have inadvertently modified. Although an interesting file, it s not as automatically helpful as it may sound. A user might reasonably assume that this feature automatically saves a copy of your many files every time you click Save. This isn t quite the case. Rather, when you create a restore point using the Back Up Files Wizard, you save specific files whose previous versions are stored as a shadow copy. The record of those shadow copies is displayed in that file s Previous Versions tab of its Properties. While this feature may be helpful, it is possible that it could be a security risk, notably in cases where people believed that they deleted a file or in the workplace. Common sense and discretion should always be exercised; if you believe that this feature may be a security risk for you or your
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Table 50-3: Table CRUD Usage Analysis
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FIGURE B.50 The Windows Desktop Search Indexing Status dialog box
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1. Open a sketch on the face of the part. To create the offset, expand the Extrude feature by clicking the plus icon next to it in the FeatureManager so that you can see the sketch. Regardless of how it displays here, this sketch appears before the extrude in the part history. RMB (right mouse button) click the sketch and select Show.
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To select a particular tab from this display, simply click any of the thumbnails. That page will jump to the front and Internet Explorer will return to its normal display. You can also click the Quick Tabs icon again to return to the normal browser display. Finally, the Quick Tabs icon also provides a drop down menu. Selecting this menu will display a list of the available documents, as shown in Figure 20 22. You can jump to a particular tab by selecting any of the options, and the currently displayed tab is displayed in bold type.
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