FigurE 6-10: The Zune web player, in pop-out mode. in .NET

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Despite the word variable in the name global variable, the values are not variable. They are fixed, and only changeable through the Equations dialog box. The only place where you can use global variables is in equations. You cannot directly enter them into dialog boxes for dimension values, or use them like Link Values. You can use custom and file properties to drive equations. If you right-click your Equations folder and select Show Properties, you see that the default file properties already exist in the list:
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FIGURE 12.19
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In this example, I connect a synthesizer to a PC s MIDI/game port, but you don t have to do it this way. You can buy a MIDI interface box that hooks up to a USB port, which may be the way to go if (for example) you want to connect to a laptop PC that has no MIDI/game port. Now, here are the steps. 1. Turn off the PC. 2. Connect the PC-to-MIDI adapter cable (see Figure 9.19) to your PC s MIDI/game port. Only one of the cable connectors will fit (it s the male 15-pin D -shaped connector) so you can t do this incorrectly. If you already have a joystick or two connected to the game port, remove it; you ll be able to reconnect it to the joystick connector on the adapter cable. 3. Attach one of the MIDI signal cables to the PC-to-MIDI adapter cable s Out connector. 4. Connect the other end of that MIDI cable to the synthesizer s In connector (see Figure 9.20). 5. Attach the other MIDI signal cable to the PC-to-MIDI adapter cable s In connector. 6. Connect the other end of that MIDI cable to the synthesizer s Out connector.
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Reaching 50 is impossible!
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Carry a camera at all times. This
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Standardized Wireless Systems
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aaron@ubuntu-test:~$ sudo apt-get update
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Server-Side Development
The WordPress XML-RPC API is an extension of the MetaWeblog API but provides a much richer set of tools because, naturally, it is created by WordPress for WordPress and considers exclusive WordPress features when exposing the API.
Working with People Near Me and Windows Meeting Space
<HTML> <TITLE>Your Web Page Title</TITLE> <STYLE> H1, H2 { color: green } </STYLE> <BODY> <H1>First Heading</H1> <P>Enter any text that you would like to have appear here. <UL> <LI>List item one. <LI>List item two. <LI>List item three. </UL> <H2>First subheading</H2> <P>Another paragraph of text can go here. Add whatever you like. </BODY> </HTML>
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