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Consider this easy and useful example: a customer wants you to make a little animation of a holder for a stethoscope that he will show to a potential client in PowerPoint. The holder opens, the stethoscope slides out, and then the animation is reversed. The assembly with the animation saved in it is on the CD-ROM as 33 scopecozy. sldasm. The assembly and the completed animation timeline is shown in Figure 33.15.
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Resonating with Your Prospect
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The security option for a connection enables you to specify the authentication method used for the connection. By default, Windows Server 2008 sets up the connection to allow unsecured passwords, which means the client can send the password in plain text, making it susceptible to interception. This is shown in Figure 6-19. After your connection is created, simply click the Connect to a Network option. This loads the Connect to a network panel, which contains a list of connections you have created. To edit the connection right-click the connection and select Properties. You can select Require Secured Password from the Verify my identity as follows drop-down list to force the connection to require encryption for the password. The method used for encryption depends on the authentication method negotiated with the remote server. The following two options work in conjunction with the Require Secured Password option: Automatically Use My Windows Logon Name and Password (and Domain if Any). Select this option to have the connection automatically use your current logon name, password, and domain for logon to the remote server. Require Data Encryption (Disconnect if None). Select this option to force data encryption for the connection and disconnect if the server doesn t offer a supported encryption method. You can prevent encryption through the Advanced properties (explained next).
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Make baseline performance information available within an arm s reach of your server. This can be in the form of clipboards or journals into which you can paste data. This enables other system operators to look up a server and determine what might be considered normal.
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11: Editing and Evaluation
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To properly secure a DC, you should ensure that all objects are properly protected by Access Control Lists (ACLs). ACLs on Active Directory objects contain Access Control Entries that apply to the object as a whole and to the individual properties of the object. This means that you can control not only the administrators or users that you want to see the object in its entirety, but also which properties should be exposed to certain groups or individuals. Securing the directory is a complex and time-consuming task, but it is essential. Each object, just like all other operating system objects, can display a Properties page. You launch the Properties page by right-clicking the object and selecting Properties. The object s Properties page loads. Click the Security tab. You can now add or remove security accounts from any trusted domain and select the property pages (tabs) that can be read. In addition to protecting the directory and its contents, it is also important to lock down the server . . .the domain controller. You should rst ensure that the Administrator account or any other omnipotent security principal is not logged on to the console, and you should strive to ensure that such omnipotent accounts are not allowed to be disseminated. Meanwhile, lock down the server and only allow accounts to access regions of the directory to which they have been delegated.
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Part VI: Windows 7 Online
The very first time you launch Windows Media Player 12, you re forced to step through a quick wizard that enables you to configure various options, as shown in Figure 11-1. Don t just select Recommended settings here, as doing so will configure Windows Media Player using some presets that might have undesired consequences. Instead, you will want to very carefully read through the options. It s possible to configure these options after the fact, of course, but it s better to do so now, as you ll see in a moment.
For the sake of cost-saving, printed inductors are adapted for L2 and L5. Their con gurations are shown in Figure 6.25. Their inductances can be adjusted by trimming the grill portion of the printed inductor. Figure 6.25(a) shows the primary printed inductor before trimming processing. Figures 6.25(b) and 6.25(c) show the printed inductor after it is trimmed for cases when the VCO operates in low- and highfrequency ranges. Its Q value is approximately 60 to 90, which is lower than that of an air coil but much higher than that of a spiral inductor in an RFIC. Measuring the inductance of a printed inductor in the laboratory is a problem not only in theory, but also in practice. At the present, some calculation methods are available, but only for printed inductors of symmetrical or uniform geometry and not for irregular or un-symmetrically shaped printed inductors. It has been proven that any printed inductor can be modeled by the equivalent circuit as shown in Figure 6.26. Instead of distributed parameters, an equivalent circuit with lumped parameters is preferred. The values of the parts in the equivalent circuit in Figure 6.26 can be obtained by measuring the impedance three times. The measured impedance C A between the nodes A and G is contributed by two branches in parallel. One branch is the capacitor CA. Another branch is CL+CB, the inductor L connected with the capacitor CB in series:
Any stored procedure has four possible methods of returning data (select, raiserror, output parameters, and return). Deciding which method is right for a given stored procedure depends on the quantity and purpose of the data to be returned, and the scope of the method used to return the data. The return scope for the four methods is as follows: return and output parameters are both passed to local variables in the immediate calling procedure or batch within SQL Server. raiserror and a selected record set are both passed to the end-user client application. The immediate calling procedure or batch is completely unaware of the raiserror or selected record set.
We first consider a test for the simple hypothesis:
Part IV
Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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