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ere s a not-very-alarming truism: Nobody wants to sit through two hours of your boring family footage. Whether you re home from a vacation with a couple of digital video (DV) tapes packed with everything you saw the whole time or you just filmed little Tyler s first baseball game including every painful infield error, a lot of filler is in that video. Your neighbors will fall over themselves making excuses as to why they just can t come over and watch it any time soon. They re likely to be much more open to the idea if you re able to tell them that you got rid of all the boring stuff and whittled down the entire experience to six-and-a-half action-packed minutes. Why don t you You probably have everything you need to make it happen. If you have a digital video camera (or an older camera and an analog video capture device) and Windows Vista, you can whip that footage into shape and produce something concise and compelling. Windows Movie Maker, included with Vista Ultimate, is powerful enough for most home video amateurs to get started. To be honest, Movie Maker doesn t quite compare with aftermarket videoediting software. On the other hand, if you already own Vista, it won t set you back another $50 to $5,000 dollars, like video editing packages tend to do. Considering its freeness, you can do a lot of stuff with Windows Movie Maker: import video from a variety of sources; make pinpoint edits, cuts, and splices; incorporate titles and credits; add audio soundtracks; work in some pretty cool effects and transitions; and output video to DV, CD, DVD, and files for sharing via e-mail and the Web. The best part is that you ll be surprised at how easy the whole process is. That s because Windows Movie Maker divides the entire process into tasks
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10 Normalized SNR/dB
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Member Name (scope and type) Appearance (Public Instance Property)
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< xml version= 1.0 encoding= utf-8 > <StockSymbols> <Symbol Value= AAPL Name= Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) /> <Symbol Value= MSFT Name= Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) /> <Symbol Value= ORCL Name= Oracle Corporation (ORCL) /> <Symbol Value= STK Name= Storage Technology Corp. (STK) /> <Symbol Value= SUNW Name= Sun Microsystems, Inc (SUNW) /> </StockSymbols>
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After the header line, one or more recipe condition lines must be defined. Each condition line must start with an asterisk (*). After the asterisk, a normal regular expression is used as the matching condition. Besides normal regular expressions, procmail defines seven special conditions. Table 23-6 lists these special conditions.
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Path Class
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1. Name the five standard versions of Windows Vista.
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Working with Specialized Functionality
OS and Applications
WAR N I N G When you set up striping, you destroy the existing file system. You
You can now expand your rotation scheme. The rst option is to rotate the media every other day so that you could be backing up to one tape while the alternate is in safekeeping somewhere. If the worst were to happen a tape is eaten by the device or something less common you would still have a backup from the previous day. If the machine were stolen, you could restore it, but rotating every other day is useful only in terms of total data loss. You have a full backup of all your les every day, but what about wear and tear A tape or a platter is a delicate device. Inserting it, removing it every other day, and writing to it repeatedly can put your data at risk. Tapes stretch and they get stuck in tape drives. Tapes should be saved
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33 Friends list: For game invites and game comparisons. 33 Achievements: Windows Phone games can provide up to 200 achievement points per game title, spread out over 5 to 20 awards per game. Each achievement has an associated award name, description, and a picture. Note that these are real achievements in that they will show up on the Xbox 360 and on Windows alongside your console- and PC-based achievements. 33 Leaderboards: Like their console-based brethren, Xbox Live games on Windows Phone can support in-game leaderboards, so you can compete with friends, compare scores, and so on. For games that run on both Windows Phone and other supported platforms, the Windows Phone leaderboard is a separate entity (that is, it is specific to the phone version of the game). 33 Trial mode: Unique to Windows Phone, Xbox Live games can offer a trial mode where the user downloads the entire full game for free, but certain features like levels are locked by the developer. From within the game, the user can choose to unlock the full version of the game, and pay for it, without leaving the game.
3: Hardware and Software Compatibility
Figure 3-8: The IE7 Pop-Up Blocker restricts the amount of unwanted pop-ups but allows requested information to be viewed.
For differential detection, the BER in Rician channels can also be computed in closed form. For antipodal signals: BER = and for orthogonal signals: BER = Kr B 1 + Kr exp (2 + 2Kr + B ) 2 + 2Kr + B (12.57) Kr B 1 + Kr exp 2(1 + Kr + B ) 1 + Kr + B (12.56)
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