Being a People Person: Managing Your Family, Friends, and Other Contacts in .NET

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Figure 4-3: A Label control is selected in the Properties window. In the Properties window, you can view the properties of a selected object in a categorized or an alphabetical manner. Cross For detailed information about Windows controls, see Reference 26. To create a simple Hello World Windows application, create a form that contains a Label and a Button. Specify the properties, as described in Table 4-1. Table 4-1: Properties of Controls in the Sample Windows Form Control Property Value
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Figure 13-21: Windows Live Movie Maker includes just a limited set of video transitions.
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Most Linux distributions include more than one shell, although usually they pick one of them as the default. Ubuntu installs only the bash shell by default, but the others are available to download and install (see 13, Software Installs and Updates ).
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Players enable you to track your favorite players in various sports. Once you ve selected the players you want to track, it provides news items, player details (see Figure 15-43), and a schedule.
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and look in a real DVD player. Here, you might discover that the font used for the menu text is ugly, that you made a bad decision about how the menu comes up, or that you might want to change to a different menu style all together. To make any changes, click OK (or the Back button) and get back to work.
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(b) Signal-to-Noise Ratio
CHAPTER 4 Communications
CHAPTER 14 1. Aviation Week & Space Technology, NASA, Intelsat Discuss Shuttle Rescue of Satellite Stranded in Useless Orbit (March 26, 1990). 2. Henri Fayol, General and Industrial Management (New York: IEEE Press, 1984). A translation of the original French version published in 1916. 3. Ibid. 4. Leonard J. Kazmier, Principles of Management (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1969), p. 309. 5. Peter F. Drucker, People and Performance: The Best of Peter Drucker on Management (New York: Harper & Row, 1977), p. 498. 6. Callium Kidd and Thomas Burgess, The Wiley Guide to Managing Projects (Hoboken: Wiley, 2004), p. 502.
Interacting with the Server
9. Open a sketch on the Right plane, and draw an arc that is centered on the Origin and coincident with the end of the 3D sketch helix. The 185-degree angle is created by activating the dimension tool and clicking first the center of the arc, and then the two endpoints of the arc. Now place the dimension. This type of dimensioning allows you to get an angle dimension without dimensioning to angled lines. Exit the sketch. 10. Create a Composite Curve (Insert Curve Composite) consisting of the 3D sketch and the new 2D sketch. 11. Create a new plane using the Normal to Curve option, selecting one end of the composite curve. 12. On the new plane, draw a circle that is centered on the end of the curve with a diameter of .120 inches. You need to create a Pierce relation between the center of the circle and the composite curve. 13. Create a sweep feature using the circle as the profile and the composite curve as the path. To create the sweep, you must first exit the sketch. 14. Hide any curves that still display. 15. Choose Insert Cut With Surface. From the Flyout FeatureManager, select the Right plane. Make sure that the arrow is pointing to the side of the plane with the least amount of material. Click OK to accept the cut. The finished part is shown in Figure 7.73.
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