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n Show dimension names: This option displays the dimension name in parentheses below the actual dimension. It is most useful when you use Design Tables, Link Values, or Equations. See Figure B.3.
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Dial-In Constraints determines when the user can connect, for how long, and other properties that de ne the user s connection in general. Use these options to specify which dial-in media types are available to users to whom the policy applies. For example, you might select Virtual Private Networking (VPN) to allow the remote users to connect through a VPN connection only.
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1. Choose Time Limits from the User Controls page.
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(1 or 2 Mbits/sec) PSDU 0 4,096 bytes
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Aero versus Vista Basic
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Navigating the SolidWorks Interface
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Building Intelligence into Your Parts
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the monthly fee is typically well over twice what you d pay for DSL or cable modem service. Again, if you re considering satellite, it s probably because you can t get those faster and cheaper technologies, and the satellite companies hire MBA s who know this and price accordingly.
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3 Click a slide thumbnail.
Be sure to include a trailing period (.) after the hostname; otherwise, your local domain name will be appended to the hostname (unless, of course, you want to use that feature). person: An email address of a person responsible for the zone. The format of this parameter is a little different than usual because the @ sign is already used to signify the default domain name, so it can t be used in the email address. Instead, use a period in place of the @ sign. For example, instead of using sysadm@smallorg. org you would use If there are any periods in the name, they must be preceded by a backslash (\), such as rich\ serial number: A unique number that identifies the version of the zone database file. The date created plus a version count is often used (such as 0905051). refresh: The time (in seconds) that a secondary DNS server should query a primary DNS server to check the SOA serial number. A common value is one hour (3600 seconds). retry: The time (in seconds) that a secondary DNS server should retry after a failed refresh attempt.
0.0 2 Sputter depth ( m) 3 4
Attenuation calculation of a ferrite device.
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