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In addition, CTemp returns a result of type Decimal. You can also see that the Web Service supports the HTTP -GET, HTTP -POST, and SOAP protocols for transporting the request and response messages. Note As of this writing, the WSDL specification had been submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as a note for review. For its part, the W3C has created a group called the XML Protocol Activity, whose mission is to define and formalize standards for using XML to communicate between distributed applications on a peer-to-peer basis. This includes the WSDL specification as well as several others. For more information about the WSDL specification, you can visit For more information about the XML Protocol Activity, you can visit Discovering available Web Services Now that you have a standard way to describe the capabilities of a Web Service via the WSDL document, you must now consider how a potential consumer of a Web Service will locate a WSDL document on a target Web server. Recall that in order to consume a service, a client must be able to determine how to interact with that Web Service. This means that the consumer must follow the message formats and message exchange patterns described for the Web Service in the WSDL document. Of course, if you're both the author and consumer of the Web Services, you probably won't need help in locating the WSDL document. But if you'll be consuming Web Services from other authors, you may not know where the services are located on a target Web server. Web Service authors use a discovery (DISCO) document to publish their Web Services. The DISCO document is an XML document that contains pointers to such things as the WSDL file for a Web Service. Web Service consumers employ a discovery process to learn that a Web Service exists and where to find its WSDL document. Web Service consumers enact this discovery process on a target Web server by providing a URL to a discovery tool. The discovery tool attempts to locate DISCO documents on the target server and informs the consumer of the locations of any available WSDL documents. Recall that the DISCO document is encoded as an XML document, which allows you to programmatically discover information about Web Services. This technique has enabled the creation of tools that a consumer can use to locate Web Services. The Microsoft .NET Framework provides a tool named disco.exe to enable Web Service discovery. In addition, Visual Studio has integrated support for Web Service discovery by using Web References. You'll learn more about these tools and their capabilities in upcoming chapters. The following example illustrates the structure of a DISCO document: < xml version="1.0" > <disco:discovery xmlns:disco="" xmlns:wsdl=""> <wsdl:contractRef
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'This is the surface we are painting on Dim grphSurface As Graphics = e.Graphics
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FIGURE 3-6 The navigational path can be shown on each web page in the path to help users understand where on the site they re located. Navigation path
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A cell that was live at generation t will remain live at generation t + 1 if and only if it had just 2 or 3 live neighbours at generation t. Conway's rules provide a delicate balance between growth, stability and death. Original shapes that differ only slightly will therefore evolve very differently. Figure 5.56 illustrates the life history of a row
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Both examples are valid examples of localizing a string. The _e() constructor is best used for individual terms or commonly used strings, not for sentences. The __() constructor is best used in the context of a longer string, sentence, or paragraph to isolate keywords for translation. However, you can use either interchangeably depending on your preference. Returning to your copyright plugin, you probably want to localize the code, which is shown in Listing 5.15. In order for localization to occur, each localized string must have a textdomain (which will be covered later in this chapter) passed in as a second argument, and the textdomain must be loaded in the plugin (also covered later, but included in this code).
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Part I Laying the Foundation
Beyond the caching mechanisms that you can implement from the WordPress side, you also have a couple options for optimizing and caching PHP. Opcode caches reduces the PHP overhead that is required to run PHP scripts. Sometimes PHP opcode caches are referred to as PHP accelerators. PHP is different than other languages like C++ or Java because it is a scripting language and is not precompiled. The system requires compiled code (otherwise known as opcode) to execute, and while other languages are compiled by the developer and are executable at any times, PHP is compiled on the fly. In other words, PHP is written and when it is requested, all of the required libraries and code are pulled into the page and compiled at run time. Opcode caches reduce the load and overhead on a server by caching this compiled code for future use.
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