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Modulated vs. unmodulated waveforms.
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SelectedItem (Public Instance Property)
Figure 2.1.9 (a) Phase contrast image of a small y, length 3 mm. (b) Image of the same y inside a tuna sh sandwich
Enter the appropriate information into the elds shown in Figure 23-12 and click OK.
(b) Determine the minimum value of the MSE, min , in terms of {ci }, h(t), and N0 . The equivalent baseband impulse response of a channel is given by h(t, ) = A (t) B (t ) A BPSK modem with coherent detection using raised-cosine pulses with = 0 and ES = 1 is operating over this channel. (a) Assume that A = B = 1 and ES /N0 = 10 dB and plot the probability of error versus rms /T for 0 < rms /T < 5, where R = 1/T is the bit rate of the channel. Use the Gaussian assumption for the calculation of error rate. With the Gaussian assumption, the ISI caused by channel multipath is treated as an additive Gaussian noise source. The total noise affecting the system is the additive thermal noise with variance N0 plus the variance of the ISI term. (b) Repeat part (a) for B = 0.5, placing both plots in the same graph. (c) Assume that A and B are independent slowly time-varying Rayleigh random variables with variance 1 and ES /N0 = 40 dB and repeat part (a). Assume that the variance of B is 0.5 and repeat part (b). PROJECTS Project 1. Performance Analysis of an Equalizer In this project we analyze the performance of an equalizer in a radio channel using MATLAB or an alternative computation tool. The analysis uses derivations provided in Appendix 9A to calculate the mean square error (MSE) of the received signal for variety of equalizers. The MSE is a measure of the signal to noise ratio of the equalized received signal. When it is compared with the MSE before equalization, it reveals the effectiveness of the equalizer to improve the performance of the receiver. The general equations provided in Appendix 9A allows calculation of performance of the linear, decision feedback, and fractionally spaced equalizers for different sampling time. One of the bene ts of this project is to demonstrate the sensitivity of different equalizers to the sampling error. Less sensitivity to sampling time is desirable because it reduces the complexity of the time synchronization between the transmitter and the receiver. Assume that we have a BPSK modem that uses ideal zero roll-off raised-cosine pulses for pulse shaping. The modem is operating over a microwave line-of-sight channel with a normalized (T = 1) frequency response of H (j ) = 1 0.1e j 0.2
Although this part of the book describes everything you need to know to get started building VB .NET Web Forms using ASP.NET, it is also possible to build ASP.NET Web Services. Cross Web Services are discussed in detail in Part VII of this Reference book. Web Services are used to remotely call a specific functionality across the Internet using XML to transport the data. We won't be discussing Web Services within this section of the book.
Aggregatable Global Unicast Addresses
G.723 G.728 G.729 H.221 H.223
TABLE 21.4-1 Gateway Control Protocol Descriptors Descriptor Media Stream LocalControl Local Remote Events Signals DigitMap ServiceChange Statistics Packages ObservedEvents Topology Error Function List of media stream speci cations Describes an individual stream in a termination Properties of MG MGC connection Properties of media from far end of connection Properties of media to far end of connection Events to be detected and action required by MG Signals applied by MG to a termination Dialing pattern used by MG to detect digits in blocks rather than individually Describes service change Statistics accumulated by MG for a termination List of packages for termination Report events to MGC Flow direction in a context Error code
Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
Changing historical taste
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