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If you drag the assembly parts from the locations shown in Figure 13.8, the performance varies. This is because when you drag the handle parts, for every position of the handle, there is only one solution for the rest of the parts. However, when dragging the plunger bar, for every position of the plunger bar there are two possible positions for both the links and the handle. This kind of ambiguity causes problems in SolidWorks assemblies such as assemblies that have open degrees of freedom but will not move or move in a jerky fashion. Another example of difficulties related to open degrees of freedom and motion is shown in Figure 13.9. The grippers at the end of the arm move when the rest of the arm moves, but the grippers cannot be independently controlled. To fix this problem, you may want to either use the Fix/Float option (available through the RMB menu), or use configurations with mates suppressed or unsuppressed. You can open this assembly from the CD-ROM, in the filename called 13 Robot Assembly.sldasm.
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Figure 8.2: Revised Target BOM Relative to Price Erosion. Fewer supply sources, which translates into easier supply chain management Avoidance of standards certification certified solutions because of pre-
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In the next question, you see yet another use of the input tag, this time in the form of the checkbox, which allows multiple options to be chosen. In this case, every option gets the same name along with a set of indexing square brackets ([ ]), which place the selected options into an array for transmission to the server. The final question makes use of the select tag, which can provide either a pop-up menu (as it does here) or a combo box, a multi-line field with the values shown. If you want to have the user choose more than one value from this control, just add the attribute multiple= multiple to the end of the opening select tag. To choose more than one value, hold down the key while clicking on a value.
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Figure 13.21. Windows Registry looks like Windows Explorer, but its contents are much scarier to work with.
In this example, sunfire2 is the name assigned to the SC. When you see the SC: > prompt, you know you are at the platform shell level. The commands that can be run on the SC can be listed by running the help command. For example:
Figure 11.13. Semiconductor nanowire thin- lm electronics. (a) Underlying concept of nanowire thin- lm transistors (NW-TFTs). Electrical carriers travel across multiple grain boundaries in polycrystalline silicon TFTs (top); while in NW-TFTs (bottom), electrical carriers travel through multiple parallel single-crystal conducting channels, ensuring high carrier mobility. (b c) Silicon NW-TFT. (b) Large-area optical micrograph of NW thin- lm assembled from solution using the uidic ow-directed assembly approach. (c) Optical image of an NW-TFT with the source-to-drain electrodes bridged by parallel arrays of NWs. [Reprinted by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nature (Ref. 64), copyright (2003).]
This indicates that the unknown C(z) can be basically calculated back from Equation (5.1.1) using both the experimentally observed If ( ) and the theoretically given I ( , z). After some pioneering depth pro ling work in the 1980s,34,35 a lot of research has addressed this problem. If the sample is just a uniform substrate, the situation is rather simple. When primary X-rays impinge on the surface at grazing incidence, re ection and refraction take place simultaneously. Refracted X-rays propagate as an evanescent wave,36 and the intensity at depth z (z > 0) can be expressed as follows using a glancing angle , X-ray wavelength , and real and imaginary parts of the refractive index and : I ( , z) = S( ) exp where S( ) = 4 2 ( + A)2 + B 2 z D( ) (5.1.2)
Figure 25-1: The ever-important tabula rasa. Figure 25-2: The Windows Form class ancestry.
Erlang/km2/MHz, when subjected to 0.5 Hz frequency shadow fading. The capacity of the network was reduced to 2 18users, or 1.24 Erlang/km2/MHz, upon increasing the maximum shadow fading frequency to 1.0 Hz. On employing two element adaptive antenna arrays, the network capacity increasedby 64% to 366 users, or to an equivalent traffic load of 2.1 1 Erlangkm2/MHz when subjected to 0.5 Hz frequency shadow fading. When the maximum shadow fading frequency raised to 1.O Hz, the number ofusers supported by the network was was 341 users, or 1.98 Erlang/km2/MHz, representingan increase of 56% in comparison to the network without adaptive antenna arrays. Increasing the number of antenna elementsto four, whilst imposing shadow fading with a maximum frequency 0.5 Hz, resulted in a netof work capacity of 2.68 Erlangkm2/MHz or 476users, corresponding to a gainof anextra 30% with respect to the network employingtwo element arrays, and of 113% in comparison to the network employing no adaptive antenna arrays. In conjunction with a maximum shadow fading frequencyof 1.O Hz the network capacitywas 460 users or 2.59 Erlang/km2/MHz, which represented an increase of 35% with respect to the network invoking two element antenna arrays, or 1 1 % relative to the identical network without adaptive antenna 1 arrays. The probability of low quality outage, presentedin Figure 5.52, did not benefit from the application of adaptive antennaarrays, or fromthe employment of adaptive modulation. Figure 5.47 depicts the probability of lowquality outage without adaptive modulation, and upon comparing these results to those obtainedin conjunction with adaptive modulationshown in Figure 5.52, the performance degradation due adaptive modulation can explicitly seen. to be However, the increase in the probability of low quality access can be attributed to the em-
You can connect PCs using dedicated cabling, existing phone cabling, wireless radio frequency devices, and power line adapters. So, which of these hardware choices is the best In the best
In the Gallery view, you can select a number of photos to view as a slide show or burn to a data disc or even a video DVD. You can even work directly with Windows Movie Maker by selecting pictures or videos and clicking the Make a Movie button. You can open your selections with the image-editing application of your choice (the default is Paint). You can e-mail pictures via the E-mail button on the toolbar (Windows will offer to resize the pictures that you e-mail to make them more manageable for your recipients). Windows Photo Gallery even features some simple photo-editing tools of its own. Using the Fix button, you can adjust the exposure and color of an image, crop the image (see Figure 16.24), and clean up red-eye effects. Alternatively, you simply click the Auto Adjust button and let Windows tweak the photo to what it thinks is ideal.
Figure 14-30: Before subscribing to any podcasts, you should configure how Zune
Mean Carried Teletraffic (Erlang/km*/MHz)
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