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ULSI Devices, Edited by C. Y. Chang and S. M. Sze ISBN 0-471-24067-2 Copyright 0 2000 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. vb barcode windows 7
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A form template has a .xsn file extension. A locally saved XML document created from a form template has a .xml file extension. At the time of writing, a trial version of InfoPath 2003 is available from .com/office/infopath/prodinfo/trial.mspx.
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In some situations, particularly with notebook computers that contain sensitive data, you may want to force the use of EFS. Because encryption and decryption happen transparently to the user, forcing the use of EFS doesn t affect the user in any way and ensures that if a notebook is stolen, then the les on it are relatively safe from compromise. To force EFS use, format the drives on the computer by using NTFS. Apply object permissions to folders to prevent the user from storing documents in any folder other than those you con gure for encryption. You may restrict the user to only working within the My Documents folder, for example, setting permissions on all other folders to prevent the user from creating documents in them. Then con gure My Documents for encryption. Secure the default recovery key if present on the computer by exporting it and then removing the certi cate from the computer.
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Part II
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Figure 43-4: The Edit Relationship dialog The Edit Relationship dialog can also be accessed by double-clicking an existing relationship, by right-clicking the diagram, and from toolbar and menu selections. Be sure to define all relationships, including relationships between different columns of the fact table and the same dimension table (e.g., OrderDate and ShipDate both relate to the Time dimension table), as this enables role-playing dimension functionality when a cube is created.
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1. Brooks, John. Telephone: The First Hundred Years. Harper & Row, 1976. 2. Casson, Herbert N. The History of the Telephone. A.C. McClurg & Co., 1910. 3. Costello, Rich and Lassman, Jay. Key/Hybrid Systems and PBX Systems: Technology Overview. IT Continuous Services. Datapro Information Services, August 2, 2001. 4. Gasman, Lawrence. Manager s Guide to the New Telecommunications Network. Artech House, 1988. 5. Horak, Ray. Telemanagement Systems and Software: Overview. Datapro Communications Analyst. Datapro Information Services Group, January 1995. 6. Parkinson, Richard. Traf c Engineering Techniques in Telecommunications. http://www. cEngineering.pdf. 7. Freeman, Roger L. Fundamentals of Telecommunications, 2nd ed. Wiley, 2005. 8. Bates, Regis J. and Gregory, Donald W. Voice & Data Communications Handbook. McGraw-Hill, 2000. 9. Rohde, David. Northern Telecom to Bring Security, Savings Back to PBXs. Network World, May 1, 1995. 10. Abrahams, John R. Manager s Guide to CENTREX. Artech House, 1988. 11. Horak, Ray. PBX versus Centrex Comparison. Datapro Communications Analyst. Datapro Information Services Group, December 2001. 12. Costello, Richard A. Centrex: Overview. Datapro Communications Analyst. Datapro Information Services Group, May 1996. 13. Doren, Donald van. CTI: Moving into High Gear. TeleProfessional, February 1996. 14. Bodin, Madeline. ACD Features at Work. Call Center Magazine, May 1995. 15. Klenke, Maggie. ACDs Get Skills-Based Routing. Business Communications Review, July 1996.
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There is a bit of odd functionality here. If you have the time bar selected and press the spacebar, the time bar advances one second. If you need to access View Orientation instead of advancing a second, first click in the graphics window or the timeline area to clear the selection before pressing the spacebar.
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In addition to being feature-based, SolidWorks is also history based. To show the process history, there is a panel to the left side of the SolidWorks window called the FeatureManager. The FeatureManager keeps a list of the features in the order in which you have added them. It also enables you to reorder items in the tree (in effect, to change history). Because of this, the order in which you perform operations is important. For example, consider Figure 1.16. This model was created by the following process, left to right starting with the top row:
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FIGURE 27.8 The Extend Surface PropertyManager
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S. Nanda, K. Balachandran, and S. Kumar, Adaptation techniques in wireless packet data services, IEEE Communications Magazine,vol. 38, pp. 54-64, January2000.
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