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Generalization is the grouping of similar entities into a single entity, or table, so that a single table does more work. The database becomes more flexible because the generalized entities are more likely able to store a new similar entity. Generalization depends on the idea that there is no single correct normalized schema. For any database problem, several correct solutions are possible. The difference between these solutions is often identifying the problem space s various entities. One view of the entities might identify several specific entities that are technically different but similar. A more generalized view would merge the similar entities, producing a simpler and more compact schema.
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ack during the early days of the Internet, before it began to interest the general public, there were two ways to get around in it. You either had to have the URL of the page that you wanted to reach, or someone had to send you a link to it. There were no search engines to help you find what you wanted. Even though we have powerful search engines today to help us find information on the Web, linking from one page to another is still a powerful tool for helping your site get found. And links can group together sites that are relevant, giving you more leverage with search engines than a site without links might have. There is a fine science to creating a linking strategy, however. It s not enough just to sprinkle a few links here and there within the pages of your site. There are different types of links that register differently with search engines and it s even possible to get your web site completely delisted from search results if you handle your links improperly. When you really begin to consider links and how they affect web sites, you see that links are interconnected in such a way as to be the main route by which traffic moves around the Internet. If you search for a specific term, when you click through the search engine results, you re taken to another web page. As you navigate through that web page, you may find a link that leads you to another site, and that process continues until you re tired of surfing the Internet and close your browser. And even if the process starts differently with you typing a URL directly into your web browser it still ends the same way.
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As noted previously, Microsoft will be providing frequent ongoing software updates for Windows Phone, and you may in fact be asked to install such an update the first time you boot up your new phone. As time goes by, you ll be prompted to install other updates, some of which can occur on the phone, over the air, while other, larger updates will require you to sync the phone to your PC via a USB sync cable. It s very important that you allow Windows Phone to look for and install any updates. These updates will typically take two forms, both of which are very valuable. First, there will be bug fixes and, if necessary, security updates. These types of updates are typically very small and will often be delivered directly to the device. Second, because Windows Phone is a brand new platform with an evolving feature set, Microsoft will also be providing bigger software updates that add new features and functionality. These updates, almost certainly, will require the USB connection.
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yielding the well-known Wiener-Hopf equation for the optimal weight vector [3,239,242, 246,247,2491 in the form of
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FIGURE 30.11 The finished part with the Flat Pattern feature unsupressed
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This is all sounds pretty impressive until you realize what s available from the PC. Using the Zune PC software which is used to synchronize digital music, videos, pictures, and other content between the phone and the PC, among other things you can access a richer Marketplace experience, shown in Figure 16-1. And it s not just prettier. There s more stuff.
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Core, Con guration, Networking, and Communication Services
We see that g(v,0) = 1 and g(0,r ) = 1 are satisfied so that theChoi-Williams distribution has the properties (9.77) and (9.80). The quantity g in (9.104) maybeunderstoodas a free parameter. If a small g is chosen, the kernel concentrates around the origin of the r-v plane, except for the r and the v axis. Thus we get a generalized ambiguity function M ( v ,r ) = g(v,r ) A,,(v, r ) with reduced interference terms, and the corresponding time-frequency distribution has reduced interference terms as well. From (9.71), (9.83), and (9.84) we get
Shared variables
Component Patterns
Shared Folders
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FIGURE 7-4 The Removable Storage media selection list.
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