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As you can see, the Show method has been overloaded so that it can take parameters. You can use the parameters to modify the state of the controls on the form. In this case, you only chose three properties to modify. This can be easily enhanced for any additional properties that need to be modified. Keep in mind that any number of parameters can be added to an overloaded Show method. The other problem that needs to be dealt with is navigation between the forms. This, too, can be a tricky process. The best way to handle this is by first adding two properties to the base wizard form (see Listing 28-2). Listing 28-2: Added Properties
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Intrasite replication is achieved through standard Windows Server 2008 remote procedure calls (RPCs), but different transports are used to achieve replication between DCs in different sites. This intersite replication is achieved using the following two transport types: DS-RPC, or Directory Services RPC (over IP) ISM-SMTP, or Intersite Messaging-Simple Mail Transport Protocol Intrasite replication is always RPC-based, synchronous, and cannot be scheduled. Intersite replication uses either RPC- or SMTP-based transports. The replication data is always compressed (regardless of the transport) if the data is larger than 50KB. AD always expects intersite replication between sites to be over low-bandwidth links.
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We notice that the complex envelope is a wide-sense stationary process with specific properties:
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Darker-complexioned subjects.
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The gate length is the smallest feature of the MOSFET patterned by lithography and etching. Optical lithography has been able to provide generations of feature-size 146 reduction mainly through the reduction of the wavelength of light employed. Employing light with wavelength shorter than 193 nm (for gate lithography in the 2003 generation) presents many difficulties., among which the availability of materials for the optical system is a major barrier. Currently there is much debate about how the lithographic requirements will be met beyond the 2001 timeframe, with X ray, extreme UV, and electron beam all being considered. Sublithographic feature size may be obtained by etching techniques or sidewall image-transfer techniques. However, these largely experimental techniques have never been proven in a manufacturing environment. The development of a reliable, manufacturable cost-effective lithographic technique is absolutely essential to continued progress in CMOS technology. 3.8.2 Gate Oxide Thickness
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The WordPress gallery feature was added in WordPress 2.5. Images can be uploaded en masse with the flash uploader that has become part of the WordPress core, and images can be added as a whole to a post as a gallery. Part of this attention to photo details is the extraction of EXIF (Exchangeable Image Format) data from the photos. Unfortunately, WordPress implementation of EXIF leaves something to be desired. First, you need to have an understanding of EXIF, at least on a basic level. Assume you have the photo that is shown in Figure 20.5. This is a photo that I took near the Upper Falls in Rochester, New York, during one of the notorious Western New York winters. If you were to open the image in a text editor, you d see mostly a lot of gibberish machine language. However, plaintext descriptions are embedded throughout the photo: how the photo was taken in terms of aperture, shutter speed, ISO (International Organization of Standardization) settings, and other relevant information that means more to photographers than the average person. This is the EXIF data.
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Overall, SolidWorks performance is split into two categories: CPU (central processing unit) processing and GPU (graphics processing unit) processing. This is essentially the difference between calculating the parametrics and geometry, as opposed to the graphics and display. Which of these functions your computer performs better can vary widely, depending on your hardware, drivers, and system maintenance, among other factors.
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While duplicating a DVD may be of limited interest, ripping (or copying) a DVD movie to your hard drive, much in the same way that you rip songs from an audio CD to your hard drive in MP3 format, is probably more interesting to a wider audience. This, too, would enable you to leave the master DVD copies of your movies safe at home while you travel or commute. It also means you don t have to travel with a bunch of discs, discs that incidentally aren t exactly the most battery-efficient thing to watch when traveling on a plane or in other locations where a power plug isn t available. There are two major problems with ripping DVDs:
2 Click the Home tab. 3 Click the New Slide . 4 Click Duplicate Selected Slides.
1. Click the first entity. 2. Click the second entity. 3. Click OK on the RMB cursor icon, which is shown in Figure 13.2.
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Hierarchical namespace versus a flat namespace.
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