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Because this is an XML file, you don't have to go through a wizard to change applicationwide settings. Instead, you just make the appropriate changes to this file and save it in the root directory of your application. The changes take effect for all new requests immediately. <configuration> node The following lines from the first part of the web.config file inform you that this is an XML file and open up the main node of the file: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <configuration> <system.web> SETTINGS HERE </system.web> </configuration> You need to open and close the web.config file with <configuration> tags. Within these <configuration> tags are your <system.web> tags. Forgetting one of these tags causes an exception. <compilation> node The <compilation> node allows you to directly affect how your ASP.NET application compiles. The following shows the structure of the <compilation> node: <compilation debug="true|false" defaultLanguage="language" explicit="true|false" batch="true|false" batchTimeout="number" numRecompilesBeforeAppRestart="number" strict="true|false" >
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This closes the Move window, again returning you to the New Mail Rule window.
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Understanding DNS Architecture
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Active Directory Management
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Choosing a Zune
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Not My Department
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Wire with heat-shrink tubing and copper foil tape added.
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Image Text
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FIGURE 27.10
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You can also choose to include a picture of yourself in the User Information section of this tab. Place a check mark in the box provided to select this feature and then click the Change Picture button to choose an image or photograph.
Electrodeposition of CIGS
Vdd or Vcc
attached to a common ancestor, the domain root, trusts between them are full-blown two-way. Although the term transitive relates to two-way trusts that exist between many domains, not only on the same tree, but also across trees in the forest, this naturally does not mean that two domain groups (the forests) can be somehow grafted onto each other like you would two living plants. Still, it s a darn sight easier to migrate, move, and eventually eliminate orphan domains in a forest. In short, Windows Server 2008 domains are modeled after Internet domains, have dimension, and can be partitioned. The old NT domains, if you remember, were at.
cycle exceeds the saturation voyage VDsat, so that the output voltage VDS does not enter into the drain current calculation. (a) Derive an expression for the conduction angle. How does it compare to the conduction angle of the linear g,,, MOSFET examined in this chapter (b) Show that the drain current expression can be written as io(t) = /max
Developers often give include files the .inc extension to indicate that they are not complete web pages on their own. You can also attach the .php file extension to indicate that the file contains PHP code. It s not necessary to do this because the server doesn t process the actual include file itself. Instead, it inserts it into the main PHP file. 2. Create another file in the same folder and call it main.php. Type the following code and text into it:
Part I Laying the Foundation
< php class Product { public $description; public $price; public $quantity; public function printProduct() { echo Product: $this->description<br>\n ; printf( Price: $%.2f<br>\n, $this->price); echo Quantity: $this->quantity<br>\n ; } public function buyProduct($amount) { $this->quantity -= $amount; } } $prod1 = new Product(); $prod1->description = Carrots ; $prod1->price = 1.50; $prod1->quantity = 10;
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