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You can manually report Web sites by clicking Tools, hovering over Phishing Filter, and clicking Report this Web site. This option launches a new browser window and displays the screen shown in Figure 13.20. To report a site, click the box next to I think this is a phishing website and click Submit.
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For more information on each of the Scene selections, see 2.
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1 dB compression point = -3.64 dBm
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Encrypting files is a good way to keep other users out of your business; more specifically, it prevents other users from viewing or changing files. Although you can set permissions to prevent access to the Documents folder, this is an extra level of protection that is considerably safer. Why would you want to encrypt files Unfortunately, with cyber crimes on the rise, taking the proper steps to protect yourself and your data is now a necessity and not just something for us worrywarts. Many people keep important information on their computers, such as bank records, passwords and PIN numbers, and credit card information. By the same token, many people also tend to think that identity theft can t happen to them and take little to no precautions for protecting their data or computers from online attacks. Nowhere is the need more important for proper preventive measures than on a laptop should your laptop be lost or stolen, wouldn t you want to at least know that your data is protected Let s talk about some of the old encryption tools Windows puts at your disposal. There are some pretty big improvement in Windows Vista, but let s review some of the old school technology and its rules. Encryption keys are part of your Windows credentials. When you open or close an encrypted file, Windows checks to see if you can read the file. In other words, people who do not have permission to see a particular file will not be able to see it. Encryption and decryption methods change depending on what you are doing.
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The ultimate performance limits of wireless systems are determined by the wireless propagation channels that we have investigated in the previous parts. The task of practical transceiver design now involves nding suitable modulation schemes, codes, and signal processing algorithms so that these performance limits can be approximated as closely as possible. This task always involves a tradeoff between the performance and the hardware and software effort. As technology progresses, more and more complicated schemes can be implemented. For example, a third-generation cellphone has a computation power that is comparable to a (year 2000) personal computer, and can thus implement signal processing algorithms whose practical use was unthinkable in the mid-1990s. For this reason, this part of the book will not pay too much attention to algorithm complexity what is too complex at the current time might well be a standard solution a few years down the road. The part starts with a description of the general structure of a transceiver in 10. It describes the various blocks in a transmitter and receiver, as well as simpli ed models that can be used for system simulations and design. Next, we discuss the various modulation formats, and their speci c advantages and disadvantages for their use in a wireless context. For example, we nd that constant-modulus modulation methods are especially useful for battery-powered transmitters, since they allow the use of high-ef ciency ampli ers. Building on the formal mathematical description of those modulation formats, 12 then describes how to evaluate their performance in terms of bit error probability in different types of fading channels. We nd that the performance of such systems is mostly limited by two effects: fading and delay dispersion. The effect of fading can be greatly mitigated by diversity, i.e., by transmitting the same signal via different paths. 13 describes the different methods of obtaining such different paths, e.g., by implementing multiple antennas, by repeating the signal at different frequencies, or at different times. The chapter also discusses the effect that the diversity has on the performance of the different modulation schemes. Negative effects of the delay dispersion can also be combated by diversity; however, it is more effective to use equalization. Equalizers do not only combat intersymbol interference created by delayed echoes of the original signal, but they make use of them, exploiting the energy contained in such echoes. They can thus lead to a considerable improvement of performance, especially in systems with high data rates and/or systems operating in channels with large delay spreads. 16 describes different equalizer structures, from the simple linear equalizers to the optimum (but highly complex) maximum-likelihood sequence detectors.
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Si Cl 1000
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The equations (4.A.19), (4.A.20), and (4.A.21) can be simpli ed if (4.A.22)
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388 Jan 20 20:33 nfslog.conf 53 May 27 13:03 nfslogtab
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In the same way that a small gas-engine governor controls the top speed of the engine, the query governor limits the maximum number of queries SQL Server will perform according to the estimated query cost. If a user submits a query that exceeds the limit set by the query governor, SQL Server will not execute the query. The following code sets the max-query plan to 10 seconds for the entire server:
and VON is the turn-on voltage (represented as the value of VGS, where IDS rises above the gate leakage current). IDSAT can be maximized by minimizing L, using a semiconductor with a large or maximizing CG. For our purposes, we are interested in maximizing CG, which is described by CG = 1 0 dI
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the Smith chart by one inductor and one capacitor by two options. This reduction of the number of inductors is a signi cant improvement in RF circuit design, especially in RFIC design. Figure 10.12 also shows that instead of two capacitors, one inductor and one capacitor can form an impedance matching network if the original impedance to be matched is located in region 3. It provides an alternative method but is not as good as that of implementing an impedance matching network by only two capacitors. In real life engineering design, most impedance matching networks are built and inserted between a source and the input of a device, or between the output of a device and a load. Figure 10.13 shows the input and output impedance matching networks located before and after the device respectively. The selection of topology for input and output impedance matching networks in such a case is somewhat different from that in general cases. 3) Consideration of DC blocking, DC feeding, and DC short circuiting The input and output impedance matching network of a device must play the role of not only impedance matching but also that of DC blocking and DC feeding. An overview of all the topologies listed in Table 10.4, shows that only topologies (4) LP CS or (7) LP LS are available for DC feeding. However, topology (7) LP LS, cannot serve for DC blocking, and, on the other hand, it consists of two inductors, so it is immediately discarded as an option in consideration of DC blocking and cost-saving. It is therefore concluded that topology 4), LP CS, is the exclusive choice for the input and output impedance matching network of the device. Figure
(10.A.69) (10.A.70)
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As previously mentioned, there was a day when NT administrative tools and functions were launched independently and scattered among many different interfaces. The following list defines the benefits that MMC brings to Windows 2000 management: Simple interface. All tools built for MMC, from any software vendor, will have a similar look and feel, making it easier for users to use all tools after learning one. Because you can mix and match tools from any vendor, you can use the best of breed from each management product category. MMC also enables a single piece of software to provide functionality across the interface in a consistent manner. Extensibility. Tools created to work with MMC are task oriented; that is, each Snap-in performs a certain task. This means that each Snapin added to the console adds to the usability of the tool being created. Also, because administrators can customize their own tools, using pieces from a variety of vendors, they can create tools that contain only the components needed to manage specific tasks. Delegation. Administrators can easily modify existing tools to create new tools with reduced functionality and less complex views of the tool namespace, and then give these tools to others. A person who receives such a tool is presented with a simpler, more manageable view of the tasks he or she is being asked to perform.
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