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In SQL Server 2000, all transactional publications from a single database to a particular subscriber would share a distribution agent. For named subscriptions you could enable multiple distribution agents called independent agents. With this option you could have two or more parallel streams of data being sent to a subscriber at any one time. This independent agent is the default in SQL 2005, which results in much better transactional replication distribution performance.
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One of the things that confuses many users about applying an appearance is that it can be applied on many levels, and may override or be overridden by other appearances. This means that in a part, an appearance may be applied to a face, a feature, a body, or the entire part. There is a specific hierarchy to this system of overrides: part, body, feature, face, component, and automatic color changes.
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14: Assembly Configurations and Display States
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Adieu, NetMeeting
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Binary phase shift keying signal as function of time.
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Message queues are similar to semaphores, but they are used for asynchronous message passing. The parameters that you can set are outlined in Table 10.16.
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Taxonomy of equalizer structures.
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FIGURE 19.13 The Smart Component Property Manager
Collapse and Expand an Outline
Aside from the congestion mechanisms speci ed in the frame standards, there are two types of congestion control algorithms. Open-loop algorithms permit the acceptance of the frames with no prior knowledge of the likelihood of their successful delivery. Closed-loop algorithms prevent frames from entering the network unless there is an extremely high probability of their being accepted, transported, and delivered without discard. The closed-loop algorithm fairly allocates backbone trunk bandwidth among all the PVCs con gured on a particular trunk and in proportion to the CIRs [9]. Closed-loop networks clearly are more sophisticated and offer better performance, although at some additional cost.
3D sketch
Part V Business Intelligence
Inheritance While applying permissions to an object, it may be necessary to apply the same permissions to other objects down the hierarchy. This is accomplished through inheritance, where permissions are propagated to all objects in child containers in the directory. This feature eases the administration of applying permissions to objects throughout the directory. Delegation A trend long popular with many organizations is allowing business managers or workgroup managers to administer the resources that their respective units use on a daily basis. Through delegation, a Windows 2000 administrator can assign other users the ability to manage a set of resources or objects on the network. This helps to offload the administrative load of the administrators so they can focus on higherlevel network maintenance and monitoring.
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