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n Diameter. You can create the dimension by selecting a complete circle and placing the dimension. If you want a diameter dimension for an arc, use the right-mouse button menu or Dimension Properties dialog box and select the Diameter Dimension option.
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The Import dialog box comes up, as shown in Figure 6-16.
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Tslot = 2560 chips, 10*2k bits (k = 0..3)
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commitment to interpret the semantics of RDFS. This is notably different from an approach like Squish, where the designer/implementer is at liberty to interpret the RDFS entailment using one of the options mentioned earlier, or not at all. RQL can also query the structure of the subclass hierarchy. In our example, the query subClassOf(Employee) would return the class VicePresident as its only result. In general, this would return all direct and indirect subclasses of Employee, since RQL is aware of the transitivity of the subclass relation. The query subClassOf^(Employee) would return only the immediate subclasses. For composing more complex queries, RQL has a select-from-where construction. In the from-clause of such a query, we can specify a path expression. These allow us to match patterns along entire paths in RDF/RDFS graphs. For example, the query: select Y, $Y from VicePresident{X}.worksFor{Y : $Y} returns all things that employ a vice-president, as well as the type of that thing, effectively doing pattern-matching along a path in the graph of Figure 6.2. Notice that RQL path expressions explicitly enable free mixing of data and schema information.
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Hole for receiving short stub from PCB Metallic shielding box Slot for sliding of PCB into metallic shielding box PCB of One RF block (Parts and runners are neglected) Pin Ear
tations, a thorough knowledge of the physical network and TCP/IP is invaluable. It is easy to confuse the concept of sites with the concept of domains and/or tree structure. While sites handle issues related to domains and trees, the two are completely independent entities. A site is more closely related to the underlying network and routing of a network. Wide area links are the starting point in defining site boundaries, and these boundaries are further decided on link size, consistency or reliability, and utilization. Multiple domains are not a prequalification for a site boundary, nor is a single site a disqualification for the need to implement sites. Rather, the most basic defining factor in site creation is simply a slow network link, one that may prevent directory replication from ordinarily occurring. A single domain may span several of these
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