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Internet Infrastructure
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Table 3-1 Google MX Servers
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Starting with SolidWorks 2007, SolidWorks can be installed either from a set of six CD-ROMs or a single DVD. Installation from the DVD is far easier because you only have to handle one disc instead of several CD-ROM discs, depending on what level of SolidWorks and add-ins you are installing. The six CD-ROMs are necessary for 32- and 64-bit versions, along with all of the addins, including libraries for Toolbox and the Routing package. This includes COSMOSXpress, COSMOSWorks, COSMOSMotion, PDMWorks, MoldflowXpress, and so on.
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Figure 2-9: This looks promising.
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Figure 13-10: Windows Media Center is a nice graphical front end to a variety of digital
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The appendices in this book cover a range of ancillary data from how to implement the software to a detailed and complete list of the available options. The Tools Options list in Appendix B is one of those things that distinguishes this book from others available. You need to know where to find settings, and this appendix has it all.
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Here s a short example of a gdb session:
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There your list management is complete. Reload the page to try it out; you should see something similar to Figure 17.6. Figure 17.6 Add and delete lists
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In Solaris 9, GNOME is included on a separate CD that arrives with the OE, entitled Exploring the GNOME Desktop. Once installed with the installer tool provided on this CD, GNOME is available as an alternate desktop. GNOME is especially ideal for Unix shops that use both Linux and Solaris systems to alleviate the stress that can be caused by users moving between the two desktop systems on a frequent basis. The office productivity applications include Web browsers, a word processor, presentation software, a spreadsheet, a graphics editor, an email client, a calendar, a contact manager, a Web publisher, and an image editing tool. GNOME is a great desktop both for users and developers. It represents a desktop that is simpler for staff who are not especially adept at Unix, especially on the command line. At the same time, it also provides a toolkit (GTK+) for developers, including a built-in framework for building highly accessible desktops for users with disabilities.
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An interesting variation on the ISDN theme is Always On/Dynamic ISDN (AODI), which enables the user to establish a LAN-like always-on ISDN BRI connection to an ISP server, corporate intranet server, or corporate video server, for example, through special equipment and using only the D channel. The D channel maintains the always-on logical link between the client and the server systems, enabling the transfer of data (e.g., e-mail, stock quotes, or news bulletins) at rates of up to 9.6 kbps over an X.25 switched virtual circuit and without the call set up time required for a circuit-switched connection. As illustrated in Figure 7.26, a portion of the D channel on the client side operates as a link to a X.25 packet network, with the Multilink Point-to-Point Protocol (MPPP) used for access to the network from the TA. The D-channel AODI service employs the X.25 packet protocol that is used for signaling and control purposes in the SS7 network and establishes an SVC over the packet network. On the client side, the TCP/IP suite is encapsulated within the X.25 logical channel carried by the D channel, in support of connectionless data transfer. Packet handlers route the data packets around the circuit-switched network and over the X.25 packet-switched network, thereby maximizing ef ciency and avoiding the unnecessary use of the circuit-switched PSTN for such an inappropriate application. On the server side, the SVC can be terminated on a BRI D channel, a designated PRI B channel, or a high-speed serial link. Should the need arise, the equipment automatically activates one or both B channels for transfer of large sets of data or to establish a videoconference. Once the need for the B channel(s) has ceased, the equipment automatically terminates those channel connections, the cost of which typically is usage sensitive. The cost of D-channel usage in an AODI application generally is based on a at rate per month, with surcharges for kilopackets or megapackets applying above a de ned usage threshold [28, 29].
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