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Enables a process to operate as in the context of a secure or trusted part of the OS. Enables a user to add workstations (computer accounts) to a domain. Enables users to back up les and folders. Moves between folders to access les. Sets the internal clock of the computer. Enables the user to create a page le. Enables a process to create an access token via the LSA. Enables a user to create permanent objects. Debugs low-level processes and threads. Delegates responsibility.
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supply and filter is left installed in the system; however, the output wires from the power supply/filter are disconnected and the AC main is removed from the input of the LISN. A second, separate power supply/filter is then connected to the intended load (Figure 9.27). Conducted emissions scans can then be performed with the disconnected output wires of the original power supply both open and shorted. The LISN will measure any noise on the input wires to the power supply, even when disconnected from AC mains or inactive. Caution: Verify that the AC input source is disconnected from the LISN prior to the test since the output of the original power supply is to be shorted together, causing a potential shock hazard. Any noise measured in the resulting scans indicates a radiated coupling problem. This test may also identify potential problems in the filter layout, such as improper location of capacitors, inductive components, or poorly designed internal wiring. 9.4.5 Determining Whether Conducted Emission Noise Is Differential Mode or Common Mode In evaluating conducted emission problems, one needs to determine whether EMI is differential mode or common mode. From an earlier presentation, there are different filtering techniques depending upon the type of noise current present. Series inductors in line with the signal (high) side of a transmission line and line-to-line capacitors ( X type) are effective for differential-mode noise currents. For common-mode energy, line-to-ground capacitors ( Y type) and common-mode inductors are effective. Line-to-ground capacitors require special design considerations as they can cause excessive leakage currents from a fault condition within an
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Proposition 2.19 If T is weakly continuous in a neighborhood of F and Frkchet differentiable at F , then its Frkchet derivative at F is a weakly continuous linear functional L = L F , and it is representable as L F ( G- F ) =
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Part IV: Digital Media and Entertainment
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technology node; for example, for a layout rule of W/LG 20, RS/D needs to be <7 Q/square so that the impact on perforrnitnce FOM is less than 1%. /square) is almost the same as the "'sh Note that this result (i.e., R S/D < 7aa requirement on gate sheet resistance ( R,, <, 8 Q/square) discussed in the previous section. Therefore, 7 Q/square is used as the common requirement for both the gate sheet (Rsh) and S/D sheet resistance (R S ) for any salicide technology. Note that if W/LG is larger than 20, then the requirec s.heet resistance will be lower accordingly. (see Figs. 10.13 and 10.15). 10.2.10 Self-Aligned Silicide (Salicide) and Raised Source-Drain
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FIGURE 13.17 The Delete Browsing History dialog box
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26.6.2 Uplink
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(t + 7, ) = t
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2. In the Control Panel window, choose Hardware and Sound.
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