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106 105 Jc (A/cm2) 104 103 102 101 100 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 H (Tesla) 2.5 3.0 2.6 m (single layer) TBSBCCO 1223 0.8 m (two layers) TBSBCCO 1223
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3.19 The trees frame the castle, making it stand out.
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Implementing SolidWorks
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With one exception, all of the options available in Mobility Center are available elsewhere in the Windows 7 user interface. That one exception is Presentation Settings, covered in the next section.
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The virtual-MIMO techniques described in the previous section suffer from a number of drawbacks, including the necessity to coordinate simultaneous transmissions to achieve cooperative gain, and comparatively low ef ciency of the collaboration (RXs accumulate energy from the cooperating
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produce water and strong covalent Si O Si bonds that bridge the two bodies. This reaction can improve the reliability of retrieving elements (e.g., GaAs nanowires) that are anchored to a mother wafer via a chemically treated PDMS stamp.14,24 To employ this reaction, mild oxygen plasma and subsequent exposure to atmospheric moisture produce OH groups on the surface of a PDMS stamp. This stamp contacts an array of elements coated with a lm of SiO2 that supports some concentration of OH groups on its surface. Si O Si bridges form as the pair remains connected for some minutes. Similarly strong adhesion originates from reactions between silanol and other metal OH groups on the adjoined body, for example, titanol.43 These interfacial bonding schemes lead to strong adhesion, easily strong enough to produce cohesive failure in PDMS, and therefore, the density of these bonds should be carefully controlled and limited to low values to allow removal of the elements from the stamps during printing.14 Another notable interfacial interaction relevant to transfer printing occurs between thiol surface groups and gold or gallium arsenide.44,45 Thiol functionality is usually supplied in the form of selfassembled monolayers of alkanethiols or alkanedithiols that are deposited on a surface by vapor46 or solution45 methods. Yet another interface interaction useful for guiding transfer in these printing methods occurs during the fusion of two contacting thin layers of noble metals in a process called cold-welding.35,45,47 49 In the absence of these or other speci c surface interactions between the bodies involved in transfer printing, nonspeci c surface interactions can guide the transfer. Although they are relatively weak, short-ranged interactions,
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where D is the set of the relays that can decode the message from a particular source. When all links are Rayleigh fading, the outage probability conditioned on a particular decoding set for this scheme is for high SNR Pr[I < Rth |D] 2(K+1)Rth 1
Gadget Calendar What It Does Provides a handy onscreen calendar with both day and month views. Note that there is no settings window for Calendar: it s designed to tell you the date and day of the week only. A clock that can be configured to show the time in any time zone or city worldwide, or just use the current system time. Clocks can be named and you can choose between eight different clock styles. You can also choose whether to enable the second hand. A set of two gauges that tracks the load on your PC s microprocessor and RAM, using percentage only. There is no settings window for this gadget. A simple currency converter. It s handy if you want to see how poorly the U.S. dollar is doing today against the euro. There is no settings window for this gadget. An RSS client that integrates with the RSS feeds to which you ve subscribed in Internet Explorer. You must click the View Feeds button before it will display the results of any feed. To view more information about a particular feed, click the feed and Feed Headlines will expand out with a larger text view. To view the actual feed or Web page in Internet Explorer, click the headline in the expanded window. (Please see 20 for more information about RSS feeds.) The Feed Headlines settings window enables you to configure which of IE s RSS feeds to display and how many headlines to show at a time. Remember those little handheld tile games in which you move tiles around until the picture displayed on the front of the tiles is complete Well, here it is in gadget form. You can choose from 11 pictures, enable a timer, and click a small button to see what the finished picture is supposed to look like. A photo slide-show gadget with a host of options. You can pick the folder from which to obtain the pictures (the default is the Public Pictures folder), the amount of time to display each image, which of 15 transitions to use, and whether the pictures should be shuffled. While the gadget is running, you can also mouse over its surface to access a small controller overlay with Previous, Play/Pause, and Next buttons, as well as a View button that displays the current picture in Windows Photo Gallery. An electronic stock ticker that integrates with Microsoft s MSN Money Central to provide constant stock price updates. By default, this gadget displays the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the NASDAQ composite, and the S&P 500 index, but you can add and remove stock symbols as you see fit. A weather gadget that can be configured for any town and display the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Note that you can search by town/city name (as in Paris, France) or by zip code (like 02132). New to Windows 7, this gadget provides a handy front end to the recorded TV and Internet TV content in Windows Media Center. (See 15 for more information about Media Center.)
5 10 15 25 20 30 Signal & Interference-to-Noise Ratio (dB) 35
The Services view (see Figure 13.6) shows you the different services on your computer, and whether or not they are currently running. The Performance view (see Figure 13.7) displays the work being done by your processor (or processors, if you have a dual-processor motherboard), RAM, and page file usage.
26. Kylner, A.; Lindgren, J.; Stolt, L. 1996. Impurities in chemical bath deposited CdS lms for Cu(In,Ga)Se2 solar cells and their stability. J. Electrochem. Soc. 143:2662 2669. 27. Webb, J. D.; Rose, D. H.; Niles, D. W.; Swartzlander, A.; Al-Jassim, M. M. 1997. FTIR, EPMA, Auger, and XPS analysis of impurity precipitates in CdS lms. Conference Record of the Twenty-Sixth IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference, (Cat. No.97CB36026). pp. 399 402. 28. Hashimoto, Y.; Nakanishi, T.; Andoh, T.; Ito, K. 1995. CdS thin lm deposited in iodide-containing chemical bath. Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 34:L382 L385. 29. Arias-Carbajal Readigos, A.; Garcia, V. M.; Gomezdaza, O.; Campos, J.; Nair, M. T. S.; Nair, P. K. 2000. Substrate spacing and thin- lm yield in chemical bath deposition of semiconductor thin lms. Semicond. Sci. Technol. 15: 1022 1029. 30. Popescu, V.; Pica, E. M.; Pop, I.; Grecu, R. 1999. Optical properties of cadmium sul de thin lms, chemically deposited from baths containing surfactants. Thin Solid Films 349:67 70. 31. Froment, M.; Bernard, M. C.; Cortes, R.; Lincot, D.; Ortega-Borges, R.; Mokili, B. Edited by Paunovic, M. 1995. Study of CdS epitaxial lms chemically deposited on InP single crystals. Proceedings of the Second Symposium on Electrochemically Deposited Thin Films. pp. 121 135. 32. Mereu, B.; Sarau, G.; Pentia, E.; Draghici, V.; Lisca, M.; Botila, T.; Pintilie, L. 2004. Field-effect transistor based on nanometric thin CdS lms. Materials Sci. & Engineer. B 109:260 263. 33. Meth, J. S.; Zane, S. G.; Sharp, K. G.; Agrawal, S. 2003. Patterned thin lm transistors incorporating chemical bath deposited cadmium sul de as the active layer. Thin Solid Films 444:227 234. 34. O Brien, P.; McAleese, J. 1998. Deposition and characterization of cadmium sul de thin lms by chemical bath deposition. J. Mater. Chem. 8:2309 2314. 35. Dona, J. M.; Herrero, J. 1994. Process and lm characterization of chemical-bathdeposited ZnS thin lms. J. Electrochem. Soc. 141:205 210. 36. Vincente-Perez, S.; Durand, J. S.; Alvarez, M. D. 1992. Limitations of complexes logarithmic diagrams as a function of the ligand concentration-diagrams of conditioned variable. An. Quim. 88(7 8):683 688. 37. Nakada, T.; Mizutani, M.; Hagiwara, Y.; Kunioka, A. 2001. High-ef ciency Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin- lm solar cells with a CBD-ZnS buffer layer. Solar Energy Mater. Solar Cells 67:255 260. 38. (a) Bhattacharya, R. N.; Contreras, M. A.; Teeter, G. 2004. 18.5% CIGS device using single-layer, chemical-bath-deposited ZnS(O,OH). Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 43:L1475 L1476 and (b) Bhattacharya, R. N.; Ramanathan, K.; Gedvilas, L.; Keyes, B. 2005. Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin- lm solar cells with ZnS(O,OH), Zn Cd S(O,OH), and CdS buffer layers. J. Phys. Chem. Solids 66:1862 1864. 39. Marcotrigiano, G.; Peyronel, G.; Battistuzzi, R. 1972. Kinetics of desulfuration of S-35-labeled thiourea in sodium hydroxide studied by chromatographic methods. J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans. 2:1539 1541.
Cbil~, > X , b i >O,B: E D } . -b (10.20)
Figure 13-39: Yet another nearly hidden user interface feature lets you escape from the Slide show folder.
This saves the gaming preferences you have selected for your child and closes the Game Restrictions window.
Intensity (cps)
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