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Setup.exe /settings c:\SQLTemp\mySQLSettings.ini
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2. At the bottom of the left pane, click Scan.
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The Advisor program is loaded to your computer.
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If you wish to share your calendar with others, you can publish it onto a network.
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Some of us old-timers prefer to use the keyboard over the mouse. If your hand-eye coordination is as bad as mine, you may also choose this approach. I can type without looking at the keyboard, but when I use the mouse, it takes me a few seconds to aim at an icon and hit it accurately. This means that I customize SolidWorks to use as many hotkeys as possible, and remove icons from the interface if I have them on a hotkey. Unfortunately, my memory is as bad as my eyesight, and so remembering 75 hotkey commands is a bit of a problem. I admit to having a printed list of hotkeys taped to the side of my monitor. While I know that needing to read the list to find a particular hotkey defeats most of the purpose of using them in the first place, I just accept it as a learning aid. This is a self-solving problem, because the hotkeys that I use the most are the ones that I learn most quickly. I generally do not advocate trying to standardize a hotkey scheme across multiple users, unless the users all agree to it. The underlying reason for writing a section entitled Hotkey approaches is that everyone remembers things differently in the first place. Any command that I use more than a few times an hour is worth assigning to a hotkey. I like to use alliteration when assigning keys to help with my faulty memory. Most-frequently used commands are assigned single-letter hotkeys, and less-frequently used commands are assigned combinations. Thus, Tools Options is linked to O, Measure to M, Select Vertex to Shift+V, and Curve Projected to Ctrl+J (Ctrl+P is the Windows standard for the Print command). Other people like to group keys into easy-to-reach combinations, and so the Q, W, A, S, Z, and X keys are often assigned first for right-handed mouse users.
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ence between two adjacent runners can be reduced below a conceivable level, that is, Srr > 3W .
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Like DSL, not everybody has access to the service. Major metropolitan areas are more
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BCP, short for bulk copy program (or bulk copy Porsche), is a command-line variation of bulk operations. It differs from bulk insert in that BCP is command-line executed and can import or export data. It uses many of the same options as bulk insert. The basic syntax is as follows:
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You can access the Modify Configurations dialog box by right-clicking a dimension or feature you want to drive via configurations and selecting Configure Dimension or Configure Feature. With the Modify Configurations dialog box active, double-click a dimension to add it to the configured features list. You can add configurations on the fly by typing in the appropriate box, and change values or states of features by double-clicking and entering numbers or selecting the check box in the appropriate column.
If you re new to the Linux system, you may be confused by how it references files and directories, especially if you re used to the way the Microsoft Windows operating system does that. Before exploring the Linux system, it helps to have an understanding of how it s laid out.
For more information on compatibility options, see 25.
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