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2) Attenuation due to the existence of substrate The metallic winding of an IC spiral inductor is laid on a substrate. The eddy current may appear on the substrate, which leads to the attenuation of the RF signal. On the other hand, the electric permittivity of the substrate, s, is generally much higher than the permittivity of the free space, so that the electromagnetic eld as well as its power in the substrate is much stronger than in the free space. The electromagnetic eld can be stored, propagated, and consequently attenuated in the substrate. Therefore, the substrate may be the main factor causing the low value of the IC spiral inductor. An outstanding experiment was conducted at UCLA, in which the substrate beneath the spiral inductor was dug away. This is a dif cult and highly technical task. Professors and students, scientists and engineers had been working hard and nally completed this special treatment successfully. The Q value of this spiral inductor did indeed increase, but, unfortunately, it was still not high enough to satisfy most RFIC designs. In recent years, the micro-machined RF inductor was developed and reported in RFIC Circuit Design. The idea is basically the same as the UCLA one. In addition to the highly technological work involved in the IC processing, the high cost is another problem. 3) Flux leakage Flux can leak from the gap between windings. The ux leak implies energy loss or attenuation of signal power. If the gap between windings is reduced or narrowed, the ux leak would be reduced and the Q value of the spiral inductor should be increased. Unfortunately, the increase of the Q value through this method is very small. Flux can be emitted from the gap between the windings to the sky. The ux escape also implies energy loss or attenuation of signal power. A sandwich experiment was conducted, in which the spiral inductor was enclosed by a magnetic-shielding material. The purpose of this experiment was to enhance the Q value of the spiral inductor by stopping the ux escaping to the sky. Unfortunately, the Q value of the spiral inductor did not show a large difference before and after the spiral inductor was sandwiched. Therefore, we again concluded that the low Q value of the spiral inductor was not mainly due to the ux leakage or escape from the gap between the windings to the sky. 4) Flux cancellation Owing to the inherent drawback of the spiral con guration, the cancellation of ux between the windings is signi cant. As shown in Figure 16.15, in the spacing between two windings, the ux produced by the inner winding is cancelled by the ux produced by the outer winding. The ux cancellation seems to be more important than the ux leakage to the reduction of the Q value. So far, many theories have been presented and many experiments have been conducted. There may be multiple reasons for the low Q value of spiral inductors. However, ux cancellation seems to be the most important.
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images. This shows the sequence number of the selected image and the total images taken.
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Click the button labeled Enable Media Sharing with Xbox 360. Once you have done this, you can configure a few other sharing options, such as the name that will identify your media collection to the Xbox 360, which media types to share (music, video, and pictures are available, but only music is selected by default), and whether you want to share your media library with any nearby Xbox 360 or would prefer to specify a particular console. (The Zune-based PC and Xbox 360 must, of course, be on the same home network for the sharing feature to work.) On the Xbox 360, media sharing is handled via the My Xbox section of the New Xbox Experience (NXE) user interface, just as it is for any other shared PC-based media libraries. To find your Zune, navigate to Music Library and then select the proper PC from the list in Select Source. (It will have a colorful purple and orange Zune logo next to it, so you can tell which one represents your Zune-based library.) When you select the Zune-based library, you can choose between lists of Albums, Artists, Saved Playlists (which include both manual playlists and autoplaylists), Songs, and Genres.
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Start_freq = 800 MHz Stop_freq = 900 MHz Num_Freq = 11 Num-iter = 21
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9: Networking and HomeGroup Sharing
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Introducing SolidWorks
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5. Where is the Device Manager located What is its purpose
Windows Server 2008 monitors or analyzes storage, memory, networks, and processing. This does not sound like a big deal, but the data analysis is not done on these areas per se.
Part IV
Item System Databases Backup Production User Databases Backup SQL Agent, SQL Main, & DTC running Database Size, Growth, Disk Free Space Batch Jobs Execute OK DBCC Jobs Execute OK SQL Log Errors Replication Log Agent Running Replication Distribution Cleanup Job Execute OK SQL Server Last Reboot S M T W T F
to their normal working condition. The protocol should specify the conditions that must be met to perform certain actions. Under what circumstances, for example, should you reinstall the operating system, and what determines whether you should merely attempt to repair the server operating system These are the issues that need to be resolved. It doesn t make sense to lay out a generic policy for disaster recovery, which varies from company to company. You must take several things into account, such as whether your business performs 24 7 operations. If so, your guidelines to disaster recovery will be much stricter than a company that operates only eight hours a day. De ne the response times for reacting to an emergency as well as estimates for how long systems should take to be back up and running.
Notes: This large text entry area in the bottom two-thirds of the window enables
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