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Getting Started with Windows Vista Ultimate
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It is easy to tell which cursor symbols will result in an automatic sketch relation being applied. If the background of the symbol turns yellow, then the relation will be applied. If the background remains white, then no relation will be applied. For example, in Figure B.23, the horizontal relation will be applied, but the vertical relation is only implied.
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1st insertion of DTX
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the secondary impact-ionized current is lower, due to the shorter mean free path of the holes. At medium gate voltage, the flux is both electrons and holes, and the gate electron current drops to zero and changes sign. At high gate currents, hot holes can be injected into the oxide. However, the conditions for hot-hole detection are difficult as these conditions also correspond to Fowler-Nordheim injection between the source and the gate. Low Gate Voltage Range Electron Traps At low gate voltages, under conditions of gate-electron injection, the damage suffered from hot-electron injection manifests itself as an increase in the 3 transconductance of the transistor (Fig. 6.10a)37 ' 8. This increase in transconductance is associated with trapping of the injected electrons in the oxide. The trapped negative charge leads to a local decrease in the threshold voltage and an earlier 3 7 38 turnon of the channel in hot-carrier-damaged region. ' The device appears at threshold as a transistor with a shorter effective length, as in Figure 6.6b. This results in an increase in the transconductance of the device, and the size of the damaged region determines the amount of the current gain of the transistor after stress. Figure 6.11 shows the transconductance change as a function of time on a loglog scale, while Figure 6.12a shows the dependence of lifetime on gate voltage of stress. Most damage (shortest lifetimes) occurs at low gate voltages, indicating that the gate electron current is responsible for the damage (see the gate current dependence on gate voltage in Fig. 6.9). Returning to Figure 6.11, the devices in this figure were stressed under maximum gate current conditions (Vg just above threshold voltage) for different drain voltages. It can be seen that, unlike the case of the hot-carrier stress of n-MOS transistors, the transconductance (gin) change for the p-MOS transistors does not follow a time power law, but has a tendency to saturate at
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Figure 16.3 Comparison of junctions.
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Star Wars
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In SolidWorks, precision means the number of decimal places with which dimensions are displayed. Typically, SolidWorks works to eight places with meters as the default units. You can create templates that use up to that number of places as the default setting, and then change the number of places for individual dimensions as necessary. The first of the two boxes under Precision is used for the dimension precision, and the second is used for tolerance precision. You can change Precision values for individual dimensions in the PropertyManager for the dimension, and for the entire document at Tools Options Document Properties Units.
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Figure 5.7 An infrared port on a laptop
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Infrared ports are notorious for dropping connections.
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Tools, Options
Using Other Sketch Tools
Tools, Options
Setting the Focus Mode
Or, if you like right-clicking, right-click and choose Align Center from the pop-up menu. Either action centers the image. Your image is now in place, but if you decided back in Step 8 to copy the driving directions to your location, you still have something on your Clipboard to deal with.
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