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FIGURE 29.31 Using 3D curves with Lofted Bends to create flattenable complex shapes
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n Allow selection in HLR and shaded modes: This option enables you to select hidden edges in display modes where they cannot be seen. On simple models where you want to be able to select edges without rotating the model or changing to Wireframe mode, this option can be useful. However, on complex models and assemblies, you may want to turn this option off. Default is off.
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Part VII
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It doesn t matter at what point you insert the key. The system will boot from the BIOS. But the drive with Vista will be inaccessible until the password (key) is entered.
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so that the envelope correlation become 0.33. PPM is not used very often for wireless systems. This is due to its relatively low spectral ef ciency, as well as to the effect of delay dispersion on a PPM system. Still, there are some emerging applications where PPM is used, especially impulse radio (see Section 18.5).
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two-port 644 5, 648 NF (Noise Figure) 4, 5, 9, 11 16, 26, 30, 35 7, 40, 51, 56, 62 3, 73, 102, 746, 759 70, 797 8, 805 6, 815 cascaded equations 764, 764 Node 504 5, 512, 522, 528 9, 542, 557, 611 12, 621, 624, 684 6 differential 480 1, 493 4 Noise 357 8, 746, 758 63, 765, 767, 769, 771 2, 802 3, 812, 814 avalanche 812 burst 812 icker 812, 814 popcorn 812 power 745 6, 758 60, 769 70, 814 shot 812 14 sources 758, 762 4, 767 8, 812 13 thermal 767, 812 14 Noise Figure. See NF Ohm s Law 326, 532, 544 5 Order 746, 763, 766, 774, 776 80, 782, 784 5, 788, 791 4, 798, 806 Oscillation 240, 254, 259, 268 9 frequency 239 40, 242, 246 7, 256, 267, 269 Oscillator 237, 239, 241, 243 4, 247 8, 254 5, 259, 267 9, 685, 707 9, 745 Hartley 239 41 Pierce 239 point 237, 243 three- 237 9, 241, 243 4 resonant 246 7 TITO 246 voltage-controlled 237 8, 240, 242, 244 6, 248 64, 266 70, 272 5, 745, 747 Oscilloscope 328, 588 91 Output 3, 4, 10, 17, 24, 29, 31, 41, 45 7, 49, 51, 55, 57 61, 63, 67, 70, 747 8, 759 60, 769 70, 776 7, 785 differential 469 noise 759 61, 768, 770, 759 61, 768, 770 phase 240 5, 254, 270 power 247, 270, 747, 764, 771 2, 782 3, 785, 787, 794 6 PA (Power Ampli er) 277 96, 298, 300, 302, 304, 306 8, 310, 312 22 IC design 287 8, 290 1, 293, 295, 297 301, 303, 305 classi cations of 277 80 design 278, 283, 287, 289
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The image to the left in Figure 26.3 depicts how this part was modeled. The first step was to create the shape as a single body within the part. As shown in the FeatureManager, this is all contained inside the Overall Shape Features folder. This folder is presented here as a black box because surface features were used to create the part. It really doesn t matter at this point how the part was created, and these features are not discussed until 27.
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Private Sub cmdCreateQueue_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles cmdCreateQueue.Click Try If txtQueueName.Text.Length > 0 Then Dim q As New MessageQueue() Dim strQ As String = ".\Private$\" & txtQueueName.Text q.Create(strQ) q.Close() End If Catch ex As Exception MsgBox(ex.Message) Finally ListQueues() End Try End Sub
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126 16,384 2,097,151
Underscoring the Information Architecture Principle and the other six data store objectives is a design methodology I jokingly call the Mortgage-Driven Simplicity Method. While corporate IT programmers might eventually be terminated if their projects repeatedly fail, the consequences for an independent consultant are much more immediate, and the mortgage must be paid. As a database consultant, I tend to take on the riskiest database projects those considered disasters by the client (who had fired the previous consulting firm, or firms, for failure to deliver). In every case, the client originally asks me to finish the last 10 percent, or to optimize a project that didn t quite meet the requirements. What I usually find is a hopeless design. The primary lesson I ve learned from successfully turning around dozens of failed database projects is that the number one reason why software projects fail is not incompetent programmers, but an overly complex design. They fail because the designers were unable, or unwilling, to imagine an elegant solution. I ve learned a few lessons from having to pay my mortgage based solely on my ability to deliver databases that performed. The Mortgage-Driven Simplicity Method states: Fear complexity. Continue to collaboratively iterate the design until the design team unanimously agrees that it s the simplest solution possible that meets the requirements.
(Ref. 18)
Be aware that some peripherals may not have drivers available for 64-bit use. If you are ordering new hardware or software, you should do a little research before spending the money to make sure everything is compatible.
he chapters of Part II take you beyond the basic modeling tools to start taking advantage of the parametric options within SolidWorks. 6 acquaints you with the entire breadth of sketching tools and techniques available in SolidWorks. 7 assists you in finding the right tool for the right job. 8 debunks some myths about patterning and mirroring and helps you establish good design practices. The equations in 9 are, of course, one of the quintessential strengths of parametric modeling tools. 10 introduces the concept of Configurations, which will help you model variable driven models more quickly and efficiently. 11 sums it all up with what I consider to be the most important information in the book (editing), and helps you decide if your model is good enough through evaluation.
To create a Step Draft, initiate a Draft feature. Use the Step draft option. Select Perpendicular Steps. The draft angle should be 2 degrees. The direction of pull is the top thickness face of the box. Parting lines are the six edges of the split. Make sure all the yellow arrows are pointing to the same side of the split edges. Figure 32.33 shows the Step Draft in action.
The owners of the scrawny sheep would lose their jobs, but the government s new source of revenue (sheep licenses auction fees) has the potential to tide them over and provide training for new jobs. Of course, in reality there would be more than two categories of sheep. There would be many, including new ones that no one in the government had dreamt of. For example: Breeding stock that bring in 500 per year. Insulin-producing sheep that save the lives of several diabetics bringing in 1,000 per year. Unusually flatulent sheep that produce 5,000 worth of cleanburning methane fuel per year. Over time, the greedy invisible hand of Adam Smith would cause this system to evolve to bring ever greater value to society from the 100 allowable sheep and ever greater license fees to the government.
In a wireless LAN deployment, it is critical to determine the number of access points required to service the overall coverage area. Since access points are much more expensive than the wireless adaptor cards at the client's machine and the are more difficult to deploy than these cards due to the need for a wired connection, it is important to limit the number of access points for a given coverage area. A site survey is essential for determining the optimum number of access points. Many wireless LAN vendors provide application programs that facilitate site surveys. Once an access point is connected, one can walk around with a wireless laptop and the programs will show signal strength and data rate at different locations and at different distances. This is helpful in determining adequate data rate and avoiding dead spots. The accuracy of a site survey depends on several factors: The type of materials used in building construction and furnishings The density of users in a given area The interference level in the area The data rate the users need
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