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Tutorial: Working In-Context
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This closes the Save As dialog box and returns you to a new Sound Recorder session. Note: Your sound file is saved into your Documents folder by default if you do not specify another folder in the Save As dialog box.
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Appendix B: Template Tags
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aCCESSing diFFEREnT woRkShEETS If you re familiar with the Outline view in Word Mobile, you may be interested to know that Excel Mobile supports the same Application Bar button. But in Excel, Outline view works differently: Rather than let you navigate around a Word document by headings, in Excel Mobile it provides a way to navigate between the different worksheets in the currently loaded workbook. Excel s Outline view can be seen in Figure 12-18. CREaTing and navigaTing aRound a woRkbook When you create a new Excel workbook in Excel Mobile, you get a blank workbook with three worksheets. To see this, tap the Outline Application Bar button. Like Word Mobile, Excel Mobile supports simple Comment and Find functions. These work nearly identically to their Word cousins and are largely obvious. You can also perform basic housekeeping tasks such as Send (via Messaging or an e-mail account), Save, and Save As. To select a cell, just tap it. To edit the contents of a cell, select the cell and then tap the formula bar, which is a text box at the top of the screen. From here, you can type in text or numbers, or tap the Function button ( fx ) to make the cell display the result of a function.
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Ignoring the HTML involved (it will vary from theme to theme), there are a couple key things to take note of here. First of all, you ll notice a few template tags that call other template files. The get_header() function includes the template file header.php while get_sidebar() and get_footer()does the same for sidebar.php and footer.php, respectively. A fourth template tag, comments_template(), performs the comments query and includes the comments. php file inside the Loop.
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Gate Length LG (9m) Figure 10.13 Required gate sheet resistance for an inverter delay RAM 1 as a function of
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From Parseval's relation in the form
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The menu bar is somewhat sparse by most application standards. There aren t a whole lot of things you can do in the Image Viewer. The main menu options are the following:
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Prepare a file and upload it to the server. You re asked to create a file called googlehostedservice.html, and you re given an alphanumeric code to place inside. Then, upload that file to the root level of your website. Once done, click the button on this page that says you ve completed the steps above. Without further ado, your file should check out, and you re taken to an introduction to the service.
When a new trace is created (with the New Trace toolbar button or File New Trace), a connection is created to a SQL Server and the Trace Properties dialog box (see Figure 49-4) is presented. The Trace Properties General tab sets up the trace (name, file destination, etc.) and the Events Selection tab defines the events and data columns to be recorded, as well as the filter. If the trace is running, the properties may be viewed but not changed. A trace configuration can be saved as a template to make creating new traces easier.
Figure 8-7: The Ubuntu Install/Remove Extensions dialog box for Firefox.
Figure A-4: Output from multithreaded culture application.
Because selecting and deselecting the display of the sketch relations in the graphics window is a task that you will perform many times, this is a good opportunity to set up a hotkey for this function. As a reminder, to set up a hotkey, choose Tools Customize Keyboard, and in the Search box, type relations. In the Shortcut column for this command, select a hotkey to use. n
This equation describes channel capacity in terms of two convenient normalized parameters, Ebmin /N0 and C/W . The rst parameter is the minimum value of SNR per source information bit required for reliable transmission of data at capacity over an AWGN channel of bandwidth W . The second parameter, C/W , simply normalizes the channel capacity to an arbitrary bandwidth and represents the maximum achievable value of bandwidth ef ciency; its reciprocal, W/C, is the bandwidth expansion factor for operation at capacity. Therefore, Eq. (7.3.2) expresses channel capacity in terms of two parameters de ning the achievable limits of communications ef ciency as measured by SNR per bit and bandwidth utilization. This now provides us with a convenient framework for assessing the communications ef ciency of any modulation scheme chosen. In Fig. 7.16 we show the capacity formula as a plot of R/W versus Eb /N0 , where R is the information rate in the channel, with R = C at channel capacity. Note that the lower portion of the scale is expanded for convenience in drawing the gure. This gure essentially represents a bandwidth versus ef ciency plane, and the capacity curve divides the plane into two regions. The shaded area to the left of the curve de nes the region in which reliable communication cannot be achieved; that is, no modulation or coding scheme can be devised to operate in that region with low BER in the data delivered. In the right-hand area of the gure, which de nes the region of achievable signal designs, design points are shown for several modulation methods, which we discussed earlier. For all the cases shown, the BER delivered is 10 5 . The displacement of each design point from the capacity boundary indicates how close the communication ef ciency of the corresponding modulation scheme comes to the capacity limit. The horizontal displacement measures the shortfall in terms of SNR per bit, while the vertical displacement measures the shortfall in terms of bandwidth utilization. Note that if we were to plot the modem design points for a lower level of BER delivered, the points would all move to the right (i.e., farther away from the capacity boundary), whereas if we used a higher BER value, they would move closer to the capacity boundary. It is conventional to call the region R/W > 1 the bandwidth-limited region of operation and to call the region R/W < 1 the power-limited region of operation. The bandwidth-limited region includes all the modulation schemes we have described for use on voiceband telephone circuits, where rigid channel bandwidth limitations are
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