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FIGURE 26.17
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The Server Configuration Manager tool installed with SQL Server can nearly always communicate with SQL Server so you can configure the server connectivity options and open the server up for network access. With network access allowed on the SQL Server, SQL Server provides clients with a new means of accessing functionality and features through the new SQL Server Native Client (SNAC). Before getting into the SNAC, network access for the new server must be enabled.
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Component Line Font
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Using Web Form Events
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By examining the value of these counters over time, we get an accurate view of how the system is performing. Though we ve referred to sar as a Solaris built-in, we should clarify this with two additional points. For one, it won t necessarily be installed on every Solaris system that you encounter; the package that must be installed for sar to be included on your system is SUNWaccu. For the second, sar is not exclusively a Solaris command; you will find a similar, though not necessarily identical command on other Unix implementations for example, Linux. If sar isn t already installed on your Solaris server, you can add with the pkgadd command. Once you do, the set of files that will enable you to query data interactively or collect statistics over time will be available to you, but inactive. These files include /etc/rc2.d/S21perf (aka. /etc/init.d/perf), /usr/lib/sa/sa1, /usr/ lib/sa/sa2, /usr/lib/sa/sadc, /usr/bin/sar, and /var/spool/cron/ crontabs/sys. Each of these files is described in Table 10.11.
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Click the Enable button to allow Ubuntu to use the community-supported software repository to install applications. Select other applications you want to install at the same time. You can install as many applications as you want in the same Add/Remove session. Click the Apply Changes button at the bottom of the Add/Remove Applications window. A dialog box, shown in Figure 13-6, confirms your selections. Confirm the installation of the listed applications. After confirming the installation, the Update Manager prompts you for your password to ensure you have the proper privileges to add new applications to the system. It then retrieves the appropriate packages to install the application. When the installation is complete, a message appears, shown in Figure 13-7. Click Continue to add or remove more applications, or click the Close button to close the Add/Remove Applications tool.
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Writing the views and controllers
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Oddly enough, you can stillindependently enable the cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth antennas after doing this, and the phone will remain in Airplane Mode if you, say, enable Wi-Fi. This is a poor design decision, in my opinion. Worse yet, I think it completely bypasses the entire point of Airplane Mode.
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The time it takes for Windows Vista to complete its installation depends mightily upon the performance of the system on which it s being installed. A powerful system with lots of memory might finish up the installation in a half hour or so, while older or less lofty systems can have you waiting two hours or more. The Windows Vista installer will reboot the computer, possibly more than once. Don t boot the DVD! Once the installer reboots the machine, it s ready to run off the hard drive, so when you see the Press any key... prompt to boot the DVD, don t touch that keyboard!
25: Troubleshooting and Recovering from Disaster
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Tip of the Day
Setup Practice Picture: This shot in gure 6.66 was the nal exposure of the sunset that evening. I set up a tripod with a super-wide-angle lens and a cable release to capture the sun setting behind the pier. Shooting sunsets on the West Coast of the United States means that the sun sets over the ocean, and although that in itself can make a great photograph, a pier or other structure can add to the composition of the scene. The Ocean Beach Pier is the longest pier in San Diego County and stretches 1,950 feet out over the water. On Your Own: Sunsets change every night, and no two are ever the same. When you nd a spot that has a good sunset view, visit often; you will be surprised at the wide variety of sunsets that you can photograph at the same location. Lighting Practice Picture: Shooting a sunset is all about shooting the light. The sun had just set moments before, and the pier lights had just come on. Re ections of the pier lights are visible in the water. On Your Own: Use the LCD screen on the back of the camera to check for blown highlights, and shoot every minute or so as the sun goes down. The differences in the light are noticeable from moment to moment. Lens Practice Picture: I used an 11-18mm super-wide-angle zoom lens set to 12mm to capture as much of the scene as possible. Sunset photographs are usually taken with the wide-angle lenses used in landscape photography. Sunsets are a specialized part of landscape photography. On Your Own: Go as wide as you can. Using a wide-angle lens helps in framing the whole vista. I nd the 11-18mm a great lens for this. The focal ranges of 11-18mm cover the super-wide angles very nicely. Camera Settings Practice Picture: I shot this on Manual mode. First I set the ISO to 100 to get the least amount of digital noise possible. I then set the aperture to f/13 to get the deepest depth of eld, and nally I set the shutter speed. Because the camera was mounted on a tripod, I was able to experiment using long exposure to capture not only the last light of the sunset, but also the lights on the pier re ected in the water. On Your Own: I always recommend using a tripod for these types of photographs, but at times it isn t possible. When that happens, start by opening up the aperture and increasing the ISO; make sure that the Super SteadyShot is turned on. This lets you raise the shutter speed enough to hand-hold the camera and still get a good exposure.
In Part 4, you ll see how to install and configure the Ubuntu server packages:
performing basic tasks on the system The idea behind the quick-launch area is to provide a quick way to start commonly used applications, so you don t have to go hunting through the Applications menu for them. Later, in the Adding Panel Applets section, you ll see how to add quick-launch icons for your favorite applications.
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