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1. Create a new blank part. 2. On the Top plane, open a sketch and sketch a rectangle centered on the Origin 12 inches in the Horizontal direction and 8 inches in the Vertical direction. 3. Extrude the rectangle 1 inch with 45 degrees of draft, Draft Outward, in Direction 1, and in Direction 2 extrude 2 inches with no draft. The two directions should be opposite from one another. 4. Shell out the part to .050 inches, selecting the large face on the side where the draft has been applied. The part should now look like Figure 30.7.
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Using a custom field to choose a feature image enables me to create an aesthetically pleasing post flow. In the case of my theme, I use a custom field named specialfeature-470x175.
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Word-Proximity Searches
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Channel 1 Channel 2 Channel 3
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Category --------X Y Z Count -------5 11 4 Sum -------225 506 215 Avg -------45 46 53 Min -------11 12 33 Max -------86 91 83
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Part III
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For more information on phishing, check out the Wikipedia entry at http:// or visit the Anti-Phishing Working Group at
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Part 4: Using the Ubuntu Server
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Apply a Theme to a Section
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8H: Counting rectangles in a rectangle
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4 Click JPEG File Interchange
Structure of a Wireless Communication Link
FIGURE 21.30 Creating a jogged section view
First, is the entire metallic layer an equipotential ground surface If it is not equipotential, then the parts in the circuit connected to this metallic layer are referenced at different ground potential levels, and the performance, of course, would then be greatly different from that if the parts were referenced to an equipotential ground surface. The designer must verify the equipotentiality of the entire metallic layer before it is applied to the layout of the circuit. A demarcation line for equipotentiality is to see whether the maximum dimension of the metallic layer is greatly lower than the quarter wavelength of the highest operating frequency or not. If the entire metallic layer is veri ed to be an equipotential ground surface, then the second question is, is it equipotential with the main ground reference point, the negative pole of the DC power supply If not, then forward and return currents will happen. Especially, the return current will ow over the entire metallic layer with a very complicated pattern, making the case worse than when the entire metallic layer did not exist. In addition, if the metallic
I NTRODUCTION It is likely that many companies that are planning to implement Windows 2000 already have a Windows NT infrastructure in place. Other network operating systems may be in use as well, such as Novell s NetWare. Windows 2000 provides an upgrade path for both NT and NetWare, although there are many issues to consider in the upgrade process. These issues and processes must be understood up front in order to facilitate a smooth transition. This chapter discusses these issues and the following scenarios:
Troubleshooting Tools for Sun Fire Servers
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The DateSerial function returns a date value representing the year, month, and day. The time value is set to 00:00. The DateSerial function has three required arguments: Year: Integer value ranging from 1 to 9999. In Windows 98 and greater, the two-digit values 00 through 29 are considered the year 2000 through the year 2029, and the two-digit values 30 through 99 are considered 1930 through 1999. For all other year values, you
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