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sheets that are a speci c color. The name comes from the thin dried sheets of colored gelatin used in the early days of theater lighting. Placing the gel in front of the light source changes the color of the light produced. Matching the light being output from the ash to the color of the ambient light is very important. When shooting inside, other light sources need to be taken into account. When two different types of light are used to light the same scene, problems arise. The camera cannot gure out what the white balance should be. The answer to this is to place a gel in front of the ash so that the color of the light that the ash outputs matches the color of the ambient light in the scene. Yellow gels balance out the light from incandescent lights found in most homes, and green gels balance out uorescent light.
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17.6.3 Cell Planning with Hexagonal Cells
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Best Practice
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Read This First
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Flash compensation indicator.
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FIGURE 1.8 Horizontal and parallel relations are added.
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3: Unix Applications
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1. Visit the Windows Vista Get Ready Web site at default.mspx 2. Install and run Microsoft s Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor Beta 3. Decide on the most appropriate edition of Windows Vista for your needs 4. Verify if your current operating system qualifies for an upgrade or requires a custom installation
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17: WordPress Maintenance and Security
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7 Jun 01:10 backup
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FIGURE 16.11
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If you want to view or edit an event later, just double-click it in the Calendar view. The event window will appear, as you d expect. If you just need to edit the title of an appointment, slowly double-click it in the Calendar view. The appointment title will be highlighted, enabling you to type a new title. This works much like renaming an icon in Windows Explorer.
Part V Business Intelligence
Clear the sketch and run the macro again. This time, with the two lines of code commented out, it works perfectly. Also notice that if no plane is pre-selected, then it goes to the Front plane by default; however, if a plane is pre-selected, then the rectangle is built on that plane. You may notice some irregularities, for example, that the sketch overdefines if multiple rectangles are built in a single sketch, or a that new rectangle may pick up automatic relations to existing geometry. You can either live with these shortcomings or learn more sophisticated programming techniques to overcome them. So with a simple recording operation and some minor revisions, you have a simple yet functional and highly useful macro that draws a centered rectangle around the Origin. Many of the tutorials in this book start with the instruction to sketch a rectangle centered on the Origin, and this is a macro that I use frequently.
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