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Installing Other Programs
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Part I: Surviving Setup
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There is a bit of odd functionality here. If you have the time bar selected and press the spacebar, the time bar advances 1 second. If you need to access View Orientation instead of advancing a second, first click in the graphics window or the timeline area to clear the selection before pressing the spacebar. n
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The Weldment button on the Weldment toolbar simply places a Weldment placeholder in the FeatureManager. This placeholder tells SolidWorks that this part is a special weldment part, much in the way that the Sheet Metal feature in sheet metal parts is a placeholder, and denotes a special part type. The Weldment feature moves to the top of the tree, regardless of when it is created in the part history. If you do not create a Weldment feature manually, then one is automatically created for you and placed at the top of the tree when the first Structural Member feature is created. Structural Members are discussed next in this chapter.
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8.3 TESTING AND TROUBLESHOOTING CONCERNS The most difficult part of being an EMC engineer is having a product once compliant become noncompliant in the field or in production or, worse, cause a problem with other electrical equipment either emissions or immunity. This problem may not have been discovered during original testing, or the user made a change that he or she believed was minor. An example is adding a new adapter board into a personal computer after removing adapter plates and not replacing them, or not tightening the top cover back onto the chassis to ensure compression of gaskets, if provided. To illustrate the complexity of a coupling concern, Figure 8.3 is provided: Antenna coupling refers to the effects that any antenna has based on distance spacing between the system and antenna. Included in the coupling equations are reflections from a reference plane and other environmental factors. Power line coupling is when the AC and/or DC portion of the power supply is disturbed by an external source of RF energy, such as switching noise from digital components traveling back into the power supply or radiating into the switching transformers. This coupling is then observed elsewhere in the system or out of the power cord. Common ground impedance coupling refers to a circuit that has two or more operational components sharing a common return line. An example is a PCB containing both analog and digital circuits with isolated analog power sharing a common DC return plane or circuits at different reference potentials tied together, such as interconnect cables. Field-to-air coupling implies that a radiating source will induce a commonmode voltage into a loop circuit formed by components communicating with each other using a common reference plane. Once this common-mode noise
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Continuous Distributions
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In general, the two equivalent noise sources eN and iN will each be the result of several internal noise sources within the two port, and because these internal noise sources contribute to both, they are said to be at least partially correlated. We see from this expression that the noise factor is a strong function of the source resistance, and that the minimum noise factor, FMIN, occurs at an optimal value of Rs
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Aperture of antenna, see Antenna area ARQ, see Automatic repeat request Associated gain, of low noise transistor ampli er, 326 327 Attenuator: Electronically variable, 236 Fixed, 161, 235 Mechanically variable, 235 PIN diode, 236 Audio signals, 398 399 Automatic repeat request, 44, 407 408 Backoff, of Power Ampli er, 441, 445 446 Balanced mixer, 348 349 Base transceiver station, 229 232 Bayonet Navy connector, 201 BER, see Bit error rate BERT test setup: block diagram, 476 BERT display, 476 BERT, see Bit error rate tester Binary phase shift keying, 8, 116 Bipolar transistor, 268 270 Bit error rate tester, 475 477 Bit error rate, 116, 475 477 Bit error rate, as a function of S/N, 116 117 Bit rates for communication systems, 409 410 Block diagram: Communication system, 227 228 RF communication system, 227 228 Base station, 230 231 Bluetooth, 433 BNC, see Bayonet Navy connector Boltzman constant, 331 BPSK, see Binary phase shift keying BTS, see Base transceiver station Calibration Standards, de-embedding, 222 223 Standards, SOLT in microstrip, 220 222 Standards,TRL in microstrip, 222 Network Analyzer, 151 Carriage return, 403 Cascaded gain, noise gure and OIP3 formulas of overall receiver, 375 385 CCD and complement design, 470 472
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Adding the File Management Snap-in.
Your Retirement Portfolio
Now you're going to change the settings in the web.config file to authorize your group to access the application. IIS authenticates your user and makes sure that the user belongs to the group. For example- let's say you've created the user- Jdoe- and added Jdoe to the group Website Managers. You now want to allow Website Managers to access the application. Add the <identity impersonate="true" /> line of code as you were instructed earlier- and change the <authorization> node so that it reads as follows: <authorization> <allow roles="william-e9xjqv8\Website Managers" /> <deny users="*" />
Figure 3.10 An internal Zip drive
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