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Creating a media pool
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The rst thing I do when I get a new lens is purchase a new lter for the front element. Sony sells a line of lters made especially for this purpose: the Multicoat Protector line of lters. Local camera stores also carry a range of lters that can be used. These lters help protect the front element from dirt, scratches, and dust; and because they can be replaced when damaged, they help prolong the life of the lens. The basic lens-cleaning tools are a hand blower, lens-cleaning solution, a micro ber cloth, and canned air if necessary.
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3. The second sketch trick involves the use of a setting. Before you try this, go to Tools Options Sketch, and ensure that Prompt To Close Sketch is turned on; then click OK to close the dialog box. 4. Open another new sketch on the same face that was used by the last extrusion. Draw an angled line across the left and bottom sides of the box, with the dimensions shown in Figure 5.8. In this case, in order for this technique to work, the endpoints of the line have to be coincident with the model edges rather than the sketch entities.
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The SqlUserDefinedType attribute is a specialized or custom attribute used only for a SQL Server UDT. As noted in 27, the compiler uses this attribute when the assembly is compiled to IL. It also affects the assembly manifest as well as being used by SQL Server when the assembly is loaded into the SQL Server. This attribute is quite powerful and includes four properties. You must specify the format property that defines the storage format of the type. The template provides Format.Native as a default. This format should provide the most compatibility and performance with the least amount of additional coding. If columns of the type being created will have indexes built on them, it is also necessary to set the IsByteOrdered property. The other format options include the very useful Format.UserDefined and the relatively uninteresting Format.Unknown.
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More sophisticated browsers including all desktop browsers, but also Apple s iPhone draw a distinction between cookies that originate on the web sites you visit and those that originate on other web sites. Why is this important You may be okay with the New York Times knowing about what you do on their web site, but you may not be okay with advertisers on that site saving information about your browsing habits; that latter case is what cookies that originate on other web sites covers. It d be nice to have a choice.
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Figure 11-35: Windows Media Player is ready to sync content with your device.
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The Symbol dialog box appears.
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(b) LC Combiner
Super SteadyShot
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File and FileInfo Class
Splitting Partitions
INDEX meetings, 284 288 (see also Meetings) Project Information Center, 282 283 techniques for enhancing, 288 290 Tiger Teams, 283 284 (see also Tiger Teams) tools/devices, 290 Project Work Authorizing Agreements (PWAA), 194, 198, 200, 218 219, 262 263, 271 Qualification, 65, 160, 373, 432 Quality as process, 374 Quality assurance (QA), 74, 271 272 Quality controls and techniques, 271 273 Quality function deployment (QFD), 140 141, 155 156, 432 Quality verification, 372, 374. See also Verification Quebin, Nido, 381 Recycling considerations, 96 Redline limits, 368 Red Teams, 51, 60, 70, 390, 432 Regulatory bodies and standards organizations, 406 408. See also Electronics Industries Alliance (EIA); International Organization for Standardization (ISO); U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Reinforcement, 81, 331 Relationship behavior, 328 Reliability testing/verification, 160, 373 Replication and repair (artifact role), 360 Request for Proposals (RFPs), 42, 64, 204 Requirements. See Project requirements Requirements Traceability and Verification Matrix (RTVM), 161, 368, 433 Resources, project, 45 47 leveling and optimization, 213 214 planning, 200, 214 215, 217 Respect, 72 73 Responsibility. See also Accountability; Authority: confusion of, 178 matrix (Figure 12.17), 215, 217 team, 184 REVIC parametric cost estimating model, 415 Review(s): artifacts, 395 customer, 288 design, 97, 111, 113, 114, 348, 351, 390, 431 executive management, 288 expert, 275 276 failure review boards, 276 meetings, 288 peer, 60, 251, 275 276 Red Team, 60 status, 294 295 System Concept Review, 67 Systems Requirements Review (SRR), 98 test readiness, 369 Tiger Team, 316 weekly, project manager s, 287 288 Rewards/penalties, 76, 81, 321, 332 333 Right-brain activity (leadership), 320 Risk(s): management (see Opportunities/risks) project types characterized by, 123 Risk Analysis Phase, Eight Phase Estimating Process, 419 420 Role biases, 73 Roles, clarifying, 194. See also Responsibility Royce, Winston W., 106 Rusk, Dean, 57 Ruskin, John, 278
Creating a jog
190 Part II Creating Great Photos with the Sony Alpha A700
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