Part II File, Print, and Storage Services in .NET

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In this case, more sophistication has not been implemented to account for the diameter of the holes possibly interfering with one another when there are a large number of holes. In other words, because there are two values that need to be calculated (the spacing and the gap), you need to create two equations. Because the gap dimension is always half of the spacing, the spacing needs to be calculated first, as follows:
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Using the Windows Software Update Service
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Tutorial: Applying a Cosmetic Pattern
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While building management applications using Internet technologies is commonplace (many components of Windows 2000 are built on Webbased technologies, including the configure server dialog that appears after logon), there are many aspects of management that are not addressed by the Internet. While many vendors such as Cisco and HP offer Web-based administration for their products, these products still possess external support mechanisms to perform network functions such as browsing for devices. MMC overcomes this shortcoming by combining Snap-in technology and integrating Internet technologies. An example of this is found in the ability of the Results pane (the right-hand pane) to display HTML documents for tool navigation or informational display (Outlook 98/2000 is built on the same principle, where the Outlook Today that appears on launch is HTML based). According to Microsoft, The implementation of these and other technologies makes it such that Snap-ins can perform the more traditional tasks using well-targeted COM interfaces, and for rendering can use many implementation technologies including traditional list views, HTML, Java, ActiveX, and special purpose ActiveX controls such as a Network Map view like those found in HP s NetView product.
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Problem 9C
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Figure 11-2: Performing an aggregate query within Management Studio s Query Designer
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Why do you need surfaces Understanding surfacing terminology What surface tools are available Using surfacing techniques Tutorial: Working with surfaces qr pdf417
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The result is the difference between the Contact table and the [Order] table that is, all contacts who have not placed an order:
-X (*O;F) 2 -A (O;Fo) > 0
Figure 3.23: Block diagram of the 8 X 8 element antenna array receiver and in-built calibration system
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To update your installation server, you can simply choose to mount the new installation CD or copy the installation software onto your hard disk from the CD or from another server. In general, copying the installation image onto your hard disk will provide for much faster installation; reading from disk is considerably faster than reading from a CD-ROM. Keep in mind, however, that a disk-based copy of the installation software for Solaris 9 will require as much as 3 GB of disk space and will take a long time to copy onto your hard disk. In fact, this is one of those tasks that is best started before you leave for the night and checked the following morning. If the volume manager (vold) is running, simply loading the media is all that s required to mount it. Whether you re using a CD or a disk-based installation image, the file system on which the file resides must be exported. Use the setup_install_server command if you want to create a disk-based image of the installation media. Disk-based installation provides the added benefit of allowing you to effect a prompt-free installation through modification of only a few files (which, clearly, cannot be done using a CD). Once the installation files are located on your disk, site-specific information can be inserted into the appropriate files. With the Solaris CD #2 in the drive, create a directory to hold the CD image and copy the files using the commands shown below. You will find the setup_install_server command on the installation CD in a Tools directory on slice 0, as shown here:
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