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Part VIII: Appendixes
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Thomas D. Lairson Rollins College Supply Chain Management and the Internet Gary LaPoint Syracuse University International Supply Chain Management Haniph A. Latchman University of Florida Managing a Network Environment John LeBaron University of Massachusetts Lowell Internet2 Kenneth S. Lee University of Pennsylvania Wireless Internet Jason Leigh University of Illinois at Chicago Virtual Reality on the Internet: Collaborative Virtual Reality Margarita Maria Lenk Colorado State University Guidelines for a Comprehensive Security System Nanette S. Levinson American University Developing Nations Edwin E. Lewis Jr. Johns Hopkins University E-business ROI Simulations David J. Loundy DePaul University Online Stalking Robert H. Lowson University of East Anglia, United Kingdom E-systems for the Support of Manufacturing Operations Supply Networks: Developing and Maintaining Relationships and Strategies David Lukoff Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center Health Issues Kuber Maharjan Purdue University Downloading from the Internet Julie R. Mariga Purdue University Mobile Devices and Protocols
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21: Web Server
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You can collapse or expand multiple slides. Simply select multiple slides before performing these steps. Collapse and Expand an Outline
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Originally, we rst developed high-energy XRF utilizing 116 keV SR to conduct a scienti c investigation to aid in the solving of an arsenic murder that occurred in Wakayama City on 25 July 1998.14,15 Four people were killed and 63 people suffered arsenic poisoning after eating curry stew served at a summer festival in a small town in Japan. A trace amount of arsenic was attached to the crime-related substances. It was expected that the use of high-energy Xrays from SPring-8 as an excitation source for XRF would be suitable for distinguishing the difference in the origin of the trace amount of the arsenic samples, which were produced commercially. Arsenic compounds often contain impurities of Sb and Bi, whose excitation energies are 30.5 and 90.6 keV, respectively. Therefore, the
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The first option available is the spool folder. By default, it is in the Windows]System32\spool\PRINTERS folder. You can move the folder to another hard drive in case the default drive is full or to improve print spooling performance. You can also set error logging options so that errors will appear in the System log for troubleshooting purposes. If you want to be notified when a remote printer is having a bad day, select the Beep on errors of remote documents option. The next two options generate informational messages near the notification area.
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IlYll + 11YIl2 = (
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improved the morphology of the lms. Increasing the precursor concentration in the carrier solvent also improved the morphology of the lms while not altering the stoichiometry. EDS and XRD analyses indicated that after Sannealing, the stoichiometry and crystalline structure of the lms was enhanced. PL studies revealed four major emission bands (1.45 eV, 1.43 eV, 1.37 eV, and 1.32 eV) together with a broad band associated with deep defects. The blueshift of the 1.45 eV and 1.37 eV emission bands with increasing excitation power revealed DAP transitions. The broad band together with the 1.45-eV and 1.32-eV bands were reduced upon S-annealing because of passivation of VS. These lms were then further processed to fabricate working solar cells. The best parameters obtained from the cells were the following: The IEC cell had the highest Voc and FF, 412 mV and 0.45, respectively, whereas the GRC cell had the highest Isc with 12.5 mA/cm2. Devices fabricated at both GRC and IEC showed ef ciencies of 1.0% (AM0). The major challenge has been achieving higher Voc, which seems to be a problem for cells prepared with AACVD deposited lms in general. It is not yet clear what exactly causes the low Voc and low ll factor of the cells prepared with AACVD deposited lms. Additional study on remaining issues like defects, junction alignment, recombination losses, and undetected process issues remains to be performed to nd which material component and/or procedural step is limiting the performance of the solar cells. 6.6.2 Outlook and Future Work
1% of 299,997,000 2,999,970 Falsely Reported Nonterrorists
Consider numbers of the form 10" - 1. Many of them have been factorized because their special form makes factorization relatively easy. Many of their factors also display marked patterns, such as
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Table 12-2: Where Picture and Fax Viewer and Photo Gallery Viewer Features Can Be Found in Windows 7
Figure 11.2 The MODx website
Hashes are a special type of array variable. A hash stores multiple values similar to the array, but uses strings instead of numbers as the index keys. This use allows you to reference a value by name instead of a number, sort of like a mini-database. Often it s easier to remember items by name rather than the order in which they appear in the array index. Each key must be unique in the hash so that you can use it to reference each value. Creating a hash is a little tricky, as you must define both the key and value at the same time:
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