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Multiple words may be included in the search by means of the or and and conjunctions. The following query finds any fables containing both the word Tortoise and the word Hare in the text of the fable:
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Edge Office Switch
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properties / section properties. Units of force are included for the strength properties associated with COSMOSWorks Xpress. The Units options page is shown in Figure B.68.
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So far, so good. Here s the key part: Now add those three line items, as an array, to the invoice s lineitems attribute:
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Notice that this time the part comes up with a feature error. The error is on a fillet. It is not an accident that the previous error was on a face next to a fillet face. Notice that the Parasolid parts came up almost immediately, but the Pro/ENGINEER parts take several seconds to process the data. As the imported files become larger and larger and branch into assemblies, this difference becomes more and more pronounced. Next is a sheet metal part. Open sheet metal.x_t. Change the display to Shaded With Edges. The part looks good, and Import Diagnosis says that it is okay. Because this is a sheet metal part, and it appears to have a consistent thickness, you will try to flatten it. Click the Sheet Metal CommandManager tab, and click the Insert Bends icon (on the far right side). Select the big flat face as the face to remain stationary (the top selection box), and click the green check mark button to accept the result. The sheet metal features are added to the part, but notice in Figure 30.9 that they have failed. A close inspection of the part reveals that there is a small ledge between the big flat face and the inside bend on both ends. This was probably a modeling error rather than a translation error. You might be able to fix this to make it usable as a sheet metal part, but for imported geometry editing, you ll need to go to the end of this chapter. Here I cover the results of attempting to repair this model.
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Table 13.2 SERVICE bootp and bootps comsat Services Started via inetd FUNCTION These services are used for boot parameter services. The comsat service is used for incoming mail notification via the biff tool. Unless you rely on biff, disable comsat. These services are largely used for testing. The exec service allows remote users to execute commands on a host without logging in. It also exposes these remote users passwords on the network, and is thus insecure. This service allows remote users to use the Berkeley rlogin utility to log in to a host without supplying a password. It uses the trusted hosts mechanism established by entries in .rhosts files. It is considered highly insecure. This is designed to provide network status information about a host s connections to remote hosts, netstat is considered a potential security hazard. We recommend disabling the service. The shell service allows remote users to run arbitrary commands on a host using the Berkeley rsh utility. It uses the trusted hosts mechanism established by entries in .rhosts files. It is considered highly insecure. SUGGESTION Unless you are running a bootp server, disable these services. Disable.
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The second page (see Listing 40-4), the receiving page, takes the querystring and lists out both the querystring variable names and their values. It does this by using a for each statement, listing out each variable name and value of the entire querystring. Listing 40-4: WebForm2.aspx
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Write Clean Code
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9.68-1016 2.23.1017
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Getting More from Mates
The KB is a powerful tool for all kinds of Windows errors and problems. It also covers most other Microsoft products, so if you find yourself fighting with an Office conundrum or a Money dilemma, check out the KB and see whether it has the solution you re looking for.
Lemma 6.5 Assumptions (N-1)- (N-3)imply (6.16) inprobabili3, as n + 00.
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Using objdump
The Flex feature is different from most other features in SolidWorks. Most other features create new geometry, but Flex (and Deform, which follows) takes existing geometry and changes its shape. Flex can affect the entire part, or just a portion of it. Flex works on both solid and surface bodies, as well as imported and native geometry. Figure 7.54 shows the Flex PropertyManager interface. Flex has four main options, and many settings. The four main options are as follows: n Bending: Establish two trim planes to denote the ends of the bent area, and specify an angle or radius for the bend. n Twisting: Establish two trim planes to limit the area of the twist, and enter the number of degrees through which to twist. n Tapering: Establish two trim planes to limit the area of the taper. The body will be larger toward one end and smaller toward the other end. n Stretching: Establish two trim planes to limit the area to be stretched. You can stretch the entire body by moving the trim planes outside of the body.
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