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2 Setting Up the Alpha A700
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11: Adding JavaScript and CSS to Themes
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for some functional T defined (at least) on the space of empirical measures. Often T has a natural extension to a much larger subspace, possibly to the full space M of all probability measures on the sample space. For instance, if the limit in probability exists, put T ( F ) = nlim m T(F,), (1.9) -+ where F is the true underlying common distribution of the observations. If a functional T satisfies (1.9), it is called Fisher consistent at F , or, in short, consistent.
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Part II
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Shutter speed indicator. Displays
In order to benchmark our dynamic channel assignment (DCA) algorithms, fixed channel a allocation (FCA) scheme was required. We decided to employ a basic fixed channel assignment algorithm, which uses omnidirectional antennasand a reuse cluster size of seven
Figure 35-7: Using both the RadioButton and RadioButtonList controls When users first pull up the page, they only see the two sets of radio buttons. When they make a selection, one of the two available groups of radio buttons shows up in the browser. Then, when the user selects a browser version from one of the RadioButtonList controls, text displays at the bottom of the page and informs them of their choice. Like the CheckBox controls, the attribute TextAlign dictates what side of the radio button the text displayed. The default setting is Right, and it means that the text is displayed to the right of the radio button. A setting of Left means that the text displays on the left side of the radio button. Also, like the CheckBox controls, you can customize the layout of the RadioButton controls using RepeatDirection, RepeatColumns, and RepeatLayout.
The sounding pulses thus should have an ACF that is a good approximation of a delta function; in other words, a high autocorrelation peak RpTX (0), as well as low ACF sidelobes. The ratio between the height of the autocorrelation peak and the largest sidelobe is called the POP ratio and is an important quantity for characterization of correlative sounding signals. Figure 8.4 shows an example of an ACF, and the delay resolution that can be achieved with such a signal [de Weck 1992].
Reproduced with permission from Molisch and Tufvesson [2005] Hindawi.
The final type of damage that p-MOS transistors suffer is called negative bias temperature instability (NBTI). This damage can be seen on both n-MOS and pMOS devices, but is far more prevalent in p-MOS transistors, and is usually tested only on these devices. It has been shown that NBTI does have hot-carrier repercussions. Consequently, this damage mechanism is discussed here. First we give a brief introduction to NBTI followed by a discussion of the hot-carrier effect on NBTI. NBTI is a phenomenon that occurs at high temperatures, usually over 100 C under the influence of high negative gate fields (see Ref. 45 and references cited therein). The effect manifests itself in an increase in the n-channel threshold and a decrease in the subthreshold gradient, indicating Nit and hole Not creation. Many different mechanisms are thought to be responsible, including oxygen vacancy formation, strained bond reaction, hole or electron tunneling in the oxide, and 46 electrochemical reactions. Although this is a general reliability concern, the interest here is what occurs when simultaneous high drain and high gate voltage stresses are applied to the transistor. This effect is called hot carrier NBTI, or HC-NBTI. 45 The effect of applying voltages to the gate and drain is to accelerate the phenomenon by a full order of magnitude. This degradation increases with increasing temperature in contrast to the other mechanisms that have been discussed. Although this effect is seldom considered because simultaneous high gate and high drain voltages do not occur for very long in a clock cycle, it is important for nitrided gate oxides discussed in Section 6.7, since these oxides show increased susceptibility to NBTI and HC-NBTI. Note that this HC-NBTI effect is not the summation of hot-carrier damage and NBTI damage (as has been suggested 46 ), since the drain voltages can be so low as to not suffer HC damage (at room temperature), and still show HC-NBTI. 6.3.5 Conclusion
Selecting the border as a contour
Figure 23-26: Live Mesh is conceptually a circle of connected PCs, devices, and a Web based
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