n Warn before saving documents with update errors: This is particularly noticeable in assemblies, but also in individual parts. When you save a document with an error, SolidWorks asks whether or not you really want to save it, as shown in Figure B.5.
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Par.10 Sequencing/Segmenting (Fig. 15.2-3). This appears in Data Form 2 messages (class 3 connection-oriented service) only. P(S) and P(R) are send and receive sequence numbers. Bit M indicates whether more data forms follow: M 0 M 1 Last data form in a sequence More data forms follow
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Figure 8-5: Choosing the program you need to run with compatibility settings.
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45 Programming MDX Queries
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Tagging Your Web Site
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If you have a tendency to complicate things, you re not going to succeed in writing good direct response advertising copy. Be aware of this important point as you decide which typeface to
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Watch Your Step
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Part 2: Starting Out with Ubuntu
One of the best features of Ruby is that it s completely object oriented. In object-oriented programming (OOP), everything is related to objects. Objects are the data you use in your application, grouped together into a single entity. If you re writing a program that uses cars, you can create a car object that contains information on the car s weight, size, engine, and number of doors. If you re writing a program that tracks people, you might create a people object that contains information on each person s name, height, weight, and gender. We ll use a restaurant review application that uses three objects: articles, comments, and news items. Ruby uses classes to define objects. A class is the written definition in the program code that contains all of the characteristics of the object, using variables and functions. The benefit to OOP is that once you create a class for an object, you can use that same class any time in any other application. Just plug in the class definition code and put it to use. An OOP class is made up of members. There are two types of members:
then click Next. If you would rather not enter your password at this time, clear the Remember Password option. Removing this criterion forces you to enter your password each time you use Windows Mail. Although this might seem like somewhat of an inconvenience, it helps protect your e-mail account information. If you are comfortable with allowing your PC to save your Windows Mail password automatically, leave this option enabled.
Windows Photo Gallery
FIGURE 4.13 The Power Trim feature in action
40 Securing Databases
If you are deploying custom-written applications that use SQL Server as their data store, the application programmers may define their own set of errors. You use the sp_addmessage command to perform this task. As a minimum, you must supply the error number (any value between 50,001 and 2,147,483,647), the severity (a number between 1 and 25), and the message text. The sproc also accepts a language identifier that consists of the name of any language installed on the server, such as English. The default setting is the currently selected language. You must also determine whether you want to write the error message to the Windows event log. The default setting is false in this case. Finally, you can provide an argument to replace an existing message with a new message. If you attempt to create a new message with the same number as an existing number without providing the replace value, the system displays error message 15043, stating You must specify REPLACE to overwrite an existing message.
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