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If you d like to use one of your own images as a desktop background, you should save it to Documents (the new name for My Documents) or even the same folder as the bundled images. Avoid saving it to an area where you may need to relocate it, for example, the desktop.
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4: What s New in the Windows 7 User Experience............................................ 119
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In this example, MyCustomerTemplate was typed.
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Compared to its predecessors, Windows 7 offers better reliability, compatibility, security, and, um, performity, or what we jokingly call the itties. These improvements are pervasive to Windows 7 and appear at every level of the experience, from low-level tweaks that make the system run better to major end-user features that are so fun and useful they ll literally bring a smile to your face. On the reliability front, Windows 7 is engineered to withstand problems, proactively seek out issues that might otherwise undermine system integrity, and then help you solve problems that do manage to get through Windows 7 s defenses using the new Windows Troubleshooting infrastructure (see Figure 1). And unlike with Windows Vista, most Backup and Restore features are available in all Windows 7 product versions.
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4. Another way to finish the note is to click the mouse outside of the text box. After that, if you are done, press Esc. If you want to continue with another note, click again to place it, and start typing. If you want to place the same note as the first one again, the text is already there, so click a second time.
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