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7. What Is the Universal Service Obligation 131180:STANDARD::pc=PC_2491. 8. Hurricane Katrina Universal Service Fund Relief Information. http://www.katrina-usf. org/katrina/. 9. Blacharski, Dan. Dial C for Competition. America s Network, May 2001. 10. Fishel, Alan and Coleman, Sana. What s Next for the FCC and Colocation. America s Network, May 2001. 11. 12. 13. Mullen, Theo. A Haven for Net Lawbreakers Internet Week, June 19, 2000.
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FOOTSTEPS TO AN INVENTION Upon his second arrival in the US in 1919, Zworykin was fortunate to obtain almost immediate employment with the Westinghouse Electric Company through influence from friends from his native land who were also helping him transfer over to the English language. His assignment at Westinghouse, however, did not include the development of television. He was hired for his knowledge of radio transmitters and receivers. Zworykin would have to try to steal a little time here and there, finding scrap materials with which to assemble a CRT viewing monitor and then a Nipkow scanner to show crude pictures to his associates who might then become interested in his plans for developing electronic television. Along the way to this objective he was found out, but his tireless activity generated enough interest among company officials to persuade them to overlook it and allow him to continue this activity as a coolly approved secondary use of his time. Finally, they gave him authorization to make modest use of the company s glass blowing facilities, which opened a path to exploring ways of building camera tubes. Not many projects this big have ever gotten off with such a meager start! Armed with the experience he had had a few years back in Professor Rozing s physics lab at the St. Petersburg Institute, and already competent in making photoelectric cells, he visualized a row of tiny cells which he would scan electronically in the television fashion. Reading from one of his early notebooks, I see that he started with just seven photosensitive elements. This would allow him to search for the best photosensitive materials and ways of mounting and scanning them. Over time, he learned how to make a fairly good row of photosensors, which, when scanned repeatedly, would make an image of seven vertical bars on his improvised CRT display. To obtain a two-dimensional image, he placed a rotating polygon mirror in front of the camera lens so as to sweep a two-dimensional scene like a cross or circle into the camera for the amazement of his friends. In those early days, a 60 line television picture would mean a 60 by 60 square matrix of picture elements or 3600 pixels. This was easily achieved using a Nipkow disk but it was on the high side when each element had to be hand made. Zworykin and his two or three associates therefore made a sequence of these seven
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Tutorial: Controlling Pictures, Text, Colors, and Styles
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Reproduced with permission from Oehrvik [1994] Ericsson AB.
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in that case is to take the Stick in the Eye. There is a 90 percent chance he will tell you that the coast is clear, in which case you go for the Good Time. This means that the average outcome is now a 10 percent chance of $300 ( $30), plus a 90 percent chance of $200 ($180) or $150, as shown in Figure 15.1. The big change is that there is now no chance of getting caught. Your contact s information took you from a situation with an average value of $80, to one with an average value of $150; so it is worth $70. If he demands $100, you should tell him to buzz off and just take your chances. As in the example in the last chapter, you do not need to know the probability up front, and could use the analysis to determine what the probability of getting caught would have to be for the information to actually be worth $100. Furthermore, the concept is easily extended to the case in which your contact does not always tell the truth. In that case it is called the value of imperfect information.
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Now dir2 is a complete copy of dir1. You can also use wildcard characters in your cp commands:
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allows you to access and use a Windows server desktop directly from your Ubuntu workstation. Ubuntu also includes the Transmission software, which allows you to download large files using the BitTorrent protocol. BitTorrent provides a central server to manage a file download, and it allows clients to interact with each other, downloading pieces of a large file from other clients as they become available. Many Linux distributions are turning to BitTorrent as a means of efficiently distributing Linux releases. Although not included as part of the default Ubuntu installation, the gFTP software package is another important piece of Internet software that you can easily install. It provides a graphical interface for advanced FTP capabilities, such as downloading entire folders of files and using newer encrypted FTP protocols such as secure FTP (SFTP). FTP repositories are still popular on the Internet, and it s a good idea to have a graphical tool handy. You ll notice one Internet application that s not discussed in this chapter. With the popularity of Internet email, Ubuntu now includes the Evolution email client package. Because Internet email is a complex topic, the entire next chapter is devoted to configuring and using Evolution.
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C R OS S R EF There is an interesting interplay between the phone s ringer, vibration, and the volume overlay. This is discussed in 13.
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Figure 20-10: The Import/Export Wizard is a vital tool for
times in quick succession followed by a sustained transmit time of 30 seconds during which the tester should speak into the microphone to modulate the signal. Keep the distance spacing between the transmitter and EUT at the calibrated distance between source and system. 3. Record changes in system behavior and the frequencies at which they occur. 4. Repeat step 2 with the antenna held horizontal, with respect to ground, as many times as required. Ensure the antenna is parallel to seams, door openings, and other discontinuities in the shielding structure of the EUT. 5. Repeat steps 2 4 for each location with each transceiver. Evaluation of Test Results. The following table provides the standard test levels for ITE and the majority of other related products:
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where Cinv is the inversion capacitance per unit area, Leff is the effective channel length, W is the transistor width, and TLD is the total source and drain lateral diffusion for the S/D diffusion -egion underneath the gate, and can be expressed as TLD = LG
The characteristics you should know before you buy memory are capacity, type, chip speed, bus speed, packaging, error-checking, registration, buffering, pins, voltage, and contact material. Here s a quick look at each attribute. Capacity is simply memory size, expressed in megabytes (MB). Every PC will specify both a maximum total memory capacity and a maximum capacity per memory slot. (The maximum total capacity may be less than the maximum capacity per slot times the number of slots.) Type can be FPM, EDO, BEDO, SDRAM, RDRAM, DDR, and SRAM. I decipher all this alphabet soup in the main part of this chapter. The only reason you need to know it is so that you can match new memory to your PC; a PC designed for SDRAM won t work with RDRAM, for example. Speed can be rated a couple of ways. Chip speed, also known as access time, is expressed in nanoseconds and refers to the length of time between when the Central Processing Unit (CPU) asks for a memory datum and when the CPU actually gets it. Lower access time numbers mean faster memory. Bus speed is expressed in megahertz (MHz) and refers to the speed of the bus, or the data communication channel, between the CPU and memory; higher bus speed numbers mean faster memory. Packaging is simply the physical layout of the memory module. The types you may see are SIMM, DIMM, and RIMM, as discussed later in the chapter. DIMM packages are by far the most common these days, but if Intel has its way, you ll be seeing lots of RIMM modules, too. Error-checking is a yes-or-no proposition it enables the PC to detect and even correct single-bit memory errors. When shopping for memory modules, you may see the acronym ECC, which stands for Error Correction Code. You can install non-ECC memory into a PC that can use ECC memory, but you lose the error-correction feature. Parity memory is related to ECC memory; it can detect, but not correct, a memory error. Unfortunately, most PC manufacturers have moved away from using ECC or parity memory, but if you have a computer that uses either technology, I recommend you add only RAM that also supports that technology. When you re filing your tax return online, you don t want even a single-bit memory error to mislocate a decimal point and raise the eyebrows of the Tax Man. Registered memory allows more, and higher-capacity, memory modules to live on a single motherboard. However, you can t generally mix registered and unregistered modules on the same system. You typically see registered memory more often on servers and high-end graphics workstations than on regular workstation PCs; registered memory is also more common on high-capacity modules, like 256MB and higher.
Dim intX As Integer = 10 MessageBox.Show(intX + "9") The result in this example is 109. Addition did not occur. Because the value of "9" is enclosed in double quotes, the compiler understands it as a string data type, so the values are concatenated, and not added. If you are not sure of the type of data you are dealing with, and you need to make sure that addition occurs, use the conversion functions discussed earlier in the chapter. The following code takes care of this problem: Dim intX As Integer = 10 MessageBox.Show(intX + CInt("9")) Understanding the data you are dealing with is very important; as you can see, the results can vary significantly if you are not careful. The following rules apply when using the addition operator: Addition occurs if both expressions are of the same numeric data type. Concatenation occurs if one or both expressions are strings. If Option Strict is ON, implicit conversion between types is not allowed, so the previous example using CInt throws an exception, and neither concatenation nor addition occurs. If Option Strict is OFF, implicit conversion is allowed, and the expressions are added if implicit conversion is used. This conversion can be to numeric or string data types, and the result varies based on the conversion of the expression. Narrowing or widening conversions occur if the numeric data types used in expressions are different than the numeric data type of the result. The following code rounds up an example of using the addition operand, and the results that can occur, assuming the default Option Strict of OFF. The inline comments in the code can help you understand what we're trying to accomplish. Dim dblX As Double = 6.54 Dim dblY As Double = 9.32 Dim strX As String = "6" Dim strY As String = "5" Dim intX As Short intX = CShort(strX) + CShort(strY) MessageBox.Show(intX) ' Result is Short Data Type with a value of 11 MessageBox.Show(strX + strY) ' Result is String Data Type with a value of 65 intX = dblX + dblY MessageBox.Show(intX) ' Result is 16, Integer data type cannot have a decimal place, ' so the narrowing conversion takes place strX = dblX + dblY MessageBox.Show(strX) ' Result is 15.86, Double data types are added, since they are ' of the same type, and the String will hold the result without ' an error strX = dblX.ToString + dblY.ToString MessageBox.Show(strX)
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