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2. Click Reply Group on the Mail toolbar.
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Figure 3-34: Clicking Yes in the Delete Home Page dialog box removes unwanted Web sites from your list of preferred home pages.
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Tutorial: Mirroring Features
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SELECT cast(C.sql as Char(35)) as StoredProcedure, cacheobjtype, usecounts as Count FROM Master.dbo.syscacheobjects C JOIN Master.dbo.sysdatabases D ON C.dbid = C.dbid WHERE D.Name = DB_Name() AND ObjType = Adhoc ORDER BY StoredProcedure
End Class
You manage each feed individually by selecting it in the list in your Favorites Center, right-clicking, and selecting Properties. You can then specify how often you want Windows Internet Explorer to check if new content is available, how many items you want to store in its archive for this feed, and whether or not you want to download enclosures (such as mp3 files if the feed in question is a podcast).
Flag bit (F) indicates whether the CRV has been assigned by the sender or the recipient of the message. Message Type. Octet d identi es the message type. The coding is shown in Table 10.3-1. In addition, a message includes a number of parameters, which are known in Q.931 documents as information elements (IEs).
Part IV Enterprise Data Management
2.2.2 RDF for Assertions
of the local area Ethernet and the wide area Internet. SMTP is used to support the e-mail message and MIME is used to support the attached text and graphic les. The packetized mail exits the MUA. The mail passes through the Network Interface Card (NIC), which organizes it into Ethernet frames, adds the originating Ethernet address of the client workstation and the destination address of the e-mail server, and places it on the corporate Ethernet LAN. The MTA software on the e-mail server receives the Ethernet frames through the NIC. The MTA consults a DNS to nd the name of the Internet-attached mail exchange server that accepts mail for If the address is not on the LAN-attached DNS, the DNS of the ISP may be consulted. The mail exits the MTA, headed for the Internet, addressed to a mail server at, the ISP where Ray maintains the virtual domain of The mail traverses the Ethernet, passing through a router that strips off the Ethernet frame and presents the e-mail packets to the ISP across a digital T1 trunk. [Note: The T1 trunk also runs one of several protocols, including Frame Relay (FR), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP). This level of detail is outside this discussion and, therefore, these protocols are explained in subsequent chapters.] The ISP receives the packets and presents them to the Internet for transport. Isomedia, Ray s ISP, receives the packets from the Internet, routes them to the MTA on the e-mail server, and places them into his mailbox, which is in the form of a logical memory partition. Ray, who is an independent consultant and teleworker, checks his mailbox on Isomedia s POP3 MTA e-mail server and downloads them to his MUA client software over a broadband ADSL local loop and through an ADSL router. (Note: The ADSL link also runs either FR or the ATM protocol.) Ray opens the e-mail and attachments using a matching decompression program.
Fields in /etc/inetd.conf DESCRIPTION The service name. Service names are translated to port numbers through use of the services file (i.e., /etc/services) for TCP and UDP services, or the portmap daemon for RPC services. The type of socket the service will use. This will be either stream, for connection-oriented (TCP) protocols, or dgram, for datagram (UDP) protocols. The communication protocol used by the service usually tcp or udp. RPC services will have rpc/ prepended. Whether the service can process multiple requests at one time. This applies to dgram sockets only. If the particular service can process multiple requests, this value should be wait. Otherwise, it should be nowait. The user under which the process should run. You should consider running it under a less-privileged user if root is not required especially those programs that you do not trust. The absolute pathname of the daemon to be run. Internal services are marked internal. The command-line arguments to be used by the daemon. This should be the short name of the program followed by the arguments.
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