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2nd Interleaving
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1. Scott, A. W. Microwave signal control components, In Understanding Microwaves, Chap. 7, Wiley Interscience, New York, 1993. Reference 1 covers signal control components in more detail than this book.
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Pilot-symbol assisted decision-directed channel estimation was first proposed by Irvine and McLane [SO], and it was shown that it improves the accuracy of the estimation as compared with the original pilot symbol-assisted method of Section It extends the concept of the pilot-symbol assisted channel estimation technique by using the detected data symbols in order to obtain the subsequent channel parameters,since in the absence of channel errors these demodulated data symbols can considered to be known pilot symbols. be A decision-directed pilot-symbol assisted (PSA) scheme is illustrated in Figure 1.15, where s ( k ) is the kth received symbol and ( k ) is the kth detected symbol. The b signal is still transmitted in a transmission burst or frame format, similarly to that shown in Figure 1.14. At the beginning of the frame, the pilot symbols will be used toestimate the channel parameters in order to demodulate the data symbol immediately following pilot symbol. Thisis the performed by the pilot symbol-assisted channel estimator block Figure 1.15. The detected of data symbol b ( k ) is then fed back and multiplied with its original but delayed received version s ( k ) , as seen in Figure l .15. If this symbol is detected correctly, then it is analogous to a known pilot symbol and the channel coefficient corresponding to this received symbol can be estimated in the same way. This estimated channelcoefficient is then passed through the smoothing filter of Figure 1.15 in order to obtain a smoothed estimate& ( k ) to be used in its conjugate formfor de-fading and de-rotating the next symbol, as portrayed in Figure 1.15.
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FIGURE 2.32 The Commands tab in the Customize dialog box
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16: Ruby Introduction
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Part VI Optimization Strategies
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often, so this isn t a big deal. But it becomes a different story when you re trying to keep up with the constant updates that are incurred by linking DDNS names to Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) leased addresses. If you also have slave DNS servers servers that have cached their information for a set or lengthy period of time they most likely won t get the information when it s needed. The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) created RFCs 1996 and 2136 to outline how DDNS should work. DDNS strives to create an environment in which DNS can function without causing a great server load. Because of its interaction with DHCP, as an IP address changes, the DHCP server sends a message to the DDNS server stating the change. The DDNS server then, in turn, sends an update to dependent slave servers. Additionally, a very short cache time-out will enable DNS servers on the Internet to receive changes, while still providing for all the features DNS offers. Further yet, it would be very difficult for a Windows 2000 network to function in such a dynamic environment where the primary location service was static. This is the reason Microsoft rec-
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There are two other localization functions that are used less often, but you can use nonetheless:
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Use a receiver with a peak detector Perform a pre-scan at an appropriate location
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Tools for change: The 1% Solution states that if you improve by 1 percent a day, in 70 days, you re twice as good. Yet not many people achieve that, because they don t take responsibility for improvement into their own hands. As consultants, we have no choice if we want to succeed.
Multidimensional Arrays
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