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radiation uorescence tomography expanded and became a precise and relatively straightforward method of microanalysis only with the advent of third generation synchrotron sources such as the ESRF, APS and SPRING 8 that provide beams with high energy/high ux/high coherence characteristics. In the following, we describe high precision experiments performed at the ID22 beamline of the ESRF on real samples featuring inhomogeneous elemental distributions, from the elds of plant physiology and astrophysics. Depending on the desired resolution, either of the vertical or horizontal scanning geometries are used, with the associated detectors positioned vertically, respectively horizontally at 90 with respect to the beam. The horizontal focusing/scanning geometry exhibits a signi cant decrease in ux necessary to demagnify the rather large horizontal source size by closing down the beamline horizontal slits but has a better spectral purity, as it features Rayleigh and Compton scattering a few tens of times less than the vertical geometry, thanks to the 90 angle between incident and outgoing photons in the orbit plane and the high degree of linear polarization in the horizontal plane. The two movements used for the tomographic scans are Z/X (vertical/horizontal, precision 0.1 m) and RX /RZ (rotation around a horizontal/vertical axis, precision 0.001 ). The other movements (Y, RY , x) are used to align the sample rotation axis in the beam. The sample is mounted on a Huber goniometer head which is pre-aligned on a visible microscope setup in order to bring its rotation axis perpendicular to the beam and to reduce precession of the tomographic rotation axis at the beam position.
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FIGURE 10.27 Performance prediction curves obtained for a CDMA system with one active transmitter operating over the ve manufacturing oors described in 3. A Rayleigh fading model and a Poisson arrival model are assumed. There are two code sequences per user, with N = 255 chips per code sequence [Cha93].
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Shaded Cosmetic Thread display
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Figure 8.1 Ontology-based indexing
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7.4.3 Usage of Competency Questions
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9: Working with Digital Media
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3 Click Preview.
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The Display tab controls how Nautilus displays file and folder information when in Icon View mode. When Icon view is at 100 percent zoom level, by default all you see is the name of the file or folder. If you use the Zoom button (or View Zoom from the menu bar) to zoom in closer, you see additional information about the file at different zoom values. There are three zoom levels at which Nautilus provides information about the icon item:
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Part III: Security and Networking
Part II
16: Modeling in Context . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 475
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Sharing and Securing Files and Folders
Of course, in that example, you actually have to do more typing to use the relative filepath. It would be quicker to type the absolute filepath, /etc.
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