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Unrecognized pools. Media in these pools are not known to Removable Storage. If the service cannot read information on a cartridge, or if the cartridge is blank, the media pool supporting it is placed into this grouping. Import pools. This group is for media pools that were used in other Removable Storage systems, on other servers, or by applications that are compatible with Removable Storage or that can be read by Removable Storage. Media written to by the Microsoft Tape Format (MTF) can thus be imported into the local Removable Storage system.
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studied the in uence of these surfactants on the growth kinetics of CdS thin lms and observed that surfactants decreased the reaction rate of CdS formation, thus leading to thinner but smoother thin lms. In most cases, CBD thin lms deposited on amorphous or polycrystalline substrates/materials are amorphous or polycrystalline. But it has been demonstrated that epitaxial thin lms by the CBD process can be deposited on single-crystal-type substrates. Furlong et al.20 deposited epitaxial CdS thin lms from an aqueous ammonia solution containing cadmium ions and thiourea on single-crystal CuInSe2 lms prepared by molecular-beam epitaxy (MBE) on Si (111) and GaAs (100) substrates. The structure and quality of the lms were investigated by re ection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED), glancing-angle X-ray diffraction (GAXRD), and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM) in cross section. The lms are cubic on (100) substrates and mixed cubic and hexagonal on (111) substrates because of the presence of stacking faults parallel to the substrate. Froment et al.31 prepared epitaxial cadmium sul de on InP single crystals by CBD in ammonia solutions. The CBD CdS was also applied in other areas of device fabrication and application. Mereu et al.32 fabricated thin- lm eld-effect transistors using CBD CdS on SiO2/Si (n-type) substrates. Meth et al.33 fabricated thin- lm transistors (TFTs) that incorporated patterned CBD cadmium sul de as the active layer. Mobility in the 1-cm2/Vs range with on/off ratios of 105 are needed for practical TFTs (e.g., for displays). Mobility values of 0.1 1 cm2/Vs with on/off ratios exceeding 107 have been reported for these types of TFTs using CBD CdS. 7.2.2 ZnS(O,OH) Deposition
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Figure 9.9 shows three examples of autocorrelation functions with period T and the corresponding Wigner-Ville spectra. We observe that for large roll-off factors there are considerable fluctuations in power in the course of a period. When stating the mean power density in the classical way according to (9.133) these effects are not visible (cf. Figure 9-10). As can be seen in Figure 9.9, the fluctuations of power decrease with vanishing roll-off factor. In the limit, the ideal lowpass is approached (T = 0), and the process ~ ( t ) becomes wide-sense stationary. In orderto show this, the autocorrelation functionT,, (t+.r,t ) is written as the inverse Fourier transform of a convolution of G * ( - w ) and G ( w ) :
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Part I: Surviving Setup
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6. If the two small wires don t use a removable connector, snip em with the wire cutters and throw away the old fan. 7. Strip a quarter inch or so of insulation off the wires you just snipped. (The wires coming off the new fan are probably already stripped at the ends.) 8. Matching the red wire to the red wire and black to black, twist the wires together inside a small wire nut (see Figure 8.11). (Yes, you could solder them, but wire nuts work just fine.) 9. Mount the fan to the metal plate, either with the new rubber plugs or with the four screws you removed in step 2. 10. Snap the plate back onto the power supply housing. 11. Reinstall any screws you removed in step 3. 12. Button up the PC and test the system by following steps 7 through 13 in the Replacing the Entire Power Supply section.
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of sub-sub-notebooks that eschew traditional keyboards and pointing devices in favor of a smaller, highly portable form factor. They re larger than a PDA but smaller than the smallest slate Tablet PC, though they typically incorporate the full feature set of true Tablet PCs as well. Don t confuse Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPCs) with netbooks, a new generation of sub$500 computers. Netbooks like the Asus EeePC or Lenovo IdeaPad are notebook computers, but they are not UMPCs because they lack touch-screen capabilities.
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Data Rate (Mbrt/s)
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Each power is double the power to its left. Alternatively, working backwards, each number is one half of the number to its right, which suggests that perhaps we should halve the initial 2 and put a 1 at the start of the sequence.
FIGURE 6.7 The Modify Sketch dialog box
c. If you do not see this result, con rm that the IP settings on CHRDC02 are correct. It should have CHRDC01 ( as its preferred DNS server. d. If you not have DNS working properly, you cannot proceed with DCPROMO of any other server. 11. DCPROMO CHRDC02 as follows: a. Click Start Run and type DCPROMO on CHRDC02. b. Choose the option Additional Domain Controller for an Existing Domain and then click Next. c. You will now be prompted for access to the root domain. Choose the Administrator account because this account has Enterprise Administrator credentials. (See Step 7 g for account and password information.) d. Choose the default path for the SYSVOL folder on the RAID-5 array. However, the drive letter should point to the RAID-5 array on D:\, E:\, or F:\, and not C:\. Choose the path options provided for the NTDS Active Directory database and its log les, changing only the drive letters to point to the RAID-5 volume as mentioned previously. e. You must now enter the Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator password for this server. This should be a complex password. Choose something like 4NTDS@MCITY. DCs can and should have the same Directory Services Restore Mode Administrator password to simplify administration. f. Review the settings and then click Finish to begin the process. Restart the server when prompted. 12. Verify CHRDC02 name registration as follows: a. Open the DNS console and expand the root server CHRDC02 icon. b. Expand the Forward Lookup Zones folder and select expand the MCITY.cty zone. c. Verify that the msdcs,_sites, tcp, and udp subdomains are registered under MCITY.cty. d. If these subdomains are not registered, then start a command prompt and type NET STOP NETLOGON. Wait for the service to stop and then type NET START NETLOGON. e. Repeat Steps a through c to verify the registration f. Verify that the Reverse Lookup Zone has replicated.
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